Here’s the thing, we’ve sent the U.S.S. George H.W. Bush to the Persian Gulf. The troops are there to make sure that our people get out safely if the new nutjobs take total control. If it had been the George W. Bush to the Persian Gulf the “Mission Accomplished” banner would be up and Dubya would be telling us the war was over and we had to go into Syria, Afghanistan and possibly any other place that needs our influence. With H.W. we’ll check it out and see if the people are “proper”. You know, White , Christian and oil rich.

Finally got a 50 mm lens for my camera. Now I’ll be able to go out and put my world as I see it here. I’ve showed pics before but this’ll get a wider view. One place I’m thinking of visiting is Nathan Hale’s home in Coventry CT. He was the first and the most inept. He got caught, and hanged. There’s a statue of him in front of the CIA Building. Why put a spy that got caught as a hero? Was he a beard for another agent? Or are they just looking for someone they can have as a symbol since the real heroes can’t be identified.

Tried to get into my picture files to post a picture but I don’t know how. I’ll look it up.

Sleep is still elusive or at least it has shifted about ninety degrees.