Two men died this week. One I didn’t know but respected and one who wasn’t too close though he should have been once. I’ll explain. First Don Zimmer died this week. He’ll be honored all over baseball because he left an imprint on the sport. He was a player, coach and manager. His managerial skills were most noted in New England as the manager of the Red Sox. They didn’t win while he was here but he was loved/hated equally. Those who loved him were those who watched the game with the religiosity of a lecher watching Sunday school girls. They analyzed his every move and connected every loss with a team that couldn’t perform. Those who hated him believed the name “Designated Gerbil” was true. If he was so awful why did he spend so much time in the majors coaching and managing. And it takes monstrous stones to charge a 32 year old pitcher when you’re 72. We’ll miss you.
The other guy was Tom B., a sous chef I worked with. He was one of those guys who told you what to do at work, socialized with the supervisors but wouldn’t give you the time of day. He show up at a bar and have a beer with you after work and be your BFF. Enough said.
I got a buddy this week. Actually a Health Buddy. It’s a Wi-Fi device hooked up to the hospital. Right now we’re getting to know one another, it still asks me a lot of questions that don’t have anything to do with why I’ve got it. The nurse says it’ll hone in on the relevant questions.
I haven’t slept. I’ve got to go because Spellcheck is getting overworked. But before I go a joke from the nurse who monitors my Buddy:
What’s the difference between God and doctors?
God doesn’t think He’s a doctor.
Have a good week. See you in the funnies.