Hi, I had something else planned for today but stuff happened. Once I get a hand on WordPress’ new page set-up. I must be missing notifications because my post is being entered in a new format. There were supposed to be some visuals with my bloviating.

The building super spent this morning clearing out the front room of the apartment. I helped, some. We were soaked with sweat about twenty minutes into the job. I moved detritus out to the hall and he loaded it onto the truck. He made a run to the library with most of the books I’ve accumulated since the last purge. (Read major clean-up) My nieces were in the night before to pick out anything they wanted from what their mother had left behind. There was a ton of stuff neither I nor they wanted. My niece Michelle is a no-nonsense type. She hunkered into the stuff and began filling trash bags without remorse. Her sister is a tad sentimental and if left to her own devices would save most, Michelle, no freakin’ way She tossed stuff into garbage bags like a Price is Right contestant trying to find the price tag for a brand new car, But even with her efforts stuff had to go. The super should meet Michelle, they’d make a lovely pair. She’d toss and he’d haul. So this morning the super and I hit the remainder and for me it was as close to my cardio work out. Heart rate up, lots of sweat out. We got it down to two items. I’ve got pictures of how he got and organ and a hutch out. Wait until next week.


I’ve been doing walking meditation on the treadmill at the gym. I keep the pace reasonable and crank up the elevation. I start with Step, Step, Step and fall into the zone. I have to hang onto the rails because my balance kinda sucks and falling off the treadmill is a no-no when you’re walking. For those ultra-long distance runners falling it’s entertaining. ( Don’t tell me you haven’t thought that)


My new addiction is Rehab Addict on the DYI Network. A nice blond lady rehabs houses,

See you in the funnies. Be nice to one another. Pay it forward.