She won't listen, doesn't care and will walk away at the slightest chance I'll talk to her.

She won’t listen, doesn’t care and will walk away at the slightest chance I’ll talk to her.

My laptop crashed on Friday. Ya think I might have been screwed? I was checking my e-mail and it went batcrap crazy. I called Xfinity and after two hours I was on the back-up and the tech was sipping a cool beverage. The back-up isn’t all that bad as it has Windows Office and Cloud on it so the docs aren’t lost. Saturday was planned for a yoga class. Couldn’t make it. Went on-line to read e-mails and got panicky messages about my computer’s security. I called Norton and got to talk to Maeryselle. She transferred the security package to the back-up. She was nice enough to do the job without tying up the land line. I watched Top Gear and sipped a cool beverage.

The back-up works and I’m seriously thinking of frisbeeing the Toshiba out the window or,… take it to a pawn shop and tell them it’s perfect and all I want is maybe two hundred dollars. Nah, I can’t do that, but it looks really aerodynamic.

Got to go for glasses tomorrow. Can’t see the freakin’ TV and it’s about seven feet away. Can’t read squat even though I’ve got glasses. As you get older, your eyes get worse year by year. If you get new glasses give the old ones to the local Lions Club.

Am taking a course “Make It Funny” on-line. Hope it helps this blog.

I’ve got nothing really worth reading today, so I’ll sign off. Be nice to one another. The stranger you meet might be me and you’ll get a mention in the blog.