Justine Bieber, alleged pop star was arrested for drag racing in a Lamborghini in a residential area in Florida. He was racing against a member of his “posse” who was driving a Ferrari. They were going sixty mph. Pussies. A Lamborghini can top out at over 160 a Ferrari about the same. Let’s face it folks the nineteen year old tattooed celebrity is a wuss. The tats don’t mean squat. I’ve seen women with tattoos and they don’t put up a post every time they get one. A sixty two year old woman I met on-line has tattoos of pansies. Maybe one of Justine? The authorities say he might go to jail. They’ll have to give him a rear door jump suit because he’ll be real popular. We ought to just send him back to Canada. Give Joni Mitchell a grand to kick his a** for being a bad example. Or, have Neil Young do it. One thing Justine, the pose, looking over the shades, that was popularized by Audrey Hepburn. Who could probably kick his a**. And she’s dead. He’s under aged and drinking smoking pot and getting prescription drugs from mom. Dad, a tattooed yahoo is talking about his son’s “enemies”. Could that be everyone who loves music and thinks the kid is a wannabe punk? Or is the press who finally got around to talking about his lesbian affairs with models and starlets. Yes, I’m bitter and p***ed off. Bieber is a waste of humanity. I was brought up with Elvis who had screaming girls, the thing about him was on his best day early on he could kick your a** and say “Thank you ma’am” as he stepped over you. He went downhill when everybody began to believe that he was a step below God. The Beatles were a bit too nice at first but they loosened up and rocked out. The Stones, Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop, Sid Viscous and Johnny Rotten are role models. They were bad and they didn’t give a s**t about what you thought. And, when they did get called on some heinous behavior they owned up to it and paid their dues. Hell, even hippie David Crosby did time. Justine, move back North.

Spending fifty bucks on a high end sauce pan paid off. I made a small batch of red sauce and it didn’t scorch. The pot cleaned up nicely.

Speaking of pot, the NYT had an article about a B&B in Colorado that is not only “textile optional” but is in the lead as a destination for people who are seeking a Rocky Mountain High. It’s $198 a night but I figure it’s worth it. I don’t think it’s for the kiddies, but as a get away for mom an pop when the kids get on their last nerve. You know, drop a five a week in a coffee can and when the tykes roister, just peek in and get a general idea of how long you’ll have to wait. Don’t do this at home. It’s legal in Colorado. Me, I’ve got to go back to pick up my new glasses. I’m going to ask the doctor if she’s really, really sure I don’t have glaucoma. Just getting nostalgic.

See you in the funnies.