Michael Bromwich has been hired by the government to look into Apple’s compliance with anti-trust laws. At $1,100 per hour. Yep, we’re paying a lawyer to do the government’s job. Aren’t there enough lawyers wandering around in civil service to do the job and for less money. One thing for sure, he must be doing his job because Apple has complained that he is interfering with day-to-day operation by requesting interviews with executives. And despite what Apple says I think they might have more loose cash lying around to hire layers to run interference.

Japan’s Suntory has bought Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark two old favorites of mine. While in the military I’ve tasted Suntory’s product, paint thinner would be preferable. Now they’ve acquired two of the major medicinal products in America. Jim Beam has made many a man brave enough to approach the beauty at the end of the bar he’s been eying all night long. And Maker’s Mark has given a faux sense of superiority to some lush trying to impress the same lady. I truly hope they keep their hand off the production, if it isn’t efficient enough leave it alone. If it’s not sanitary enough that’s the charm of an American product. I quit a long time ago but I don’t begrudge anyone a sip now and again. And whiskey tastes real good when added to toffee.

You know those ads that show up on your homepage or mail page? I saw one yesterday for a show on REELZ TV for Hollywood Hillbillies. It featured an unpleasantly obese woman leaning on a trash can. Is there something that’s being kept hidden from the rest of America? Are there a lot of them? Where do they come from? I suppose that you have to submit yourself to the show to find these things out. I don’t get REELZ TV and now I’m glad.

When I was a kid the local paper had what was called filler. It was odd bits of news they used to fill out a column. So here’s today’s filler: Happy Birthday to A.A. Milne who created Winnie the Pooh, Thomas Watson who would have been just an engineer if he hadn’t been in the next room when Edison spilled acid on his pants (To M Selene, Tesla wouldn’t have done that), and Danny Kaye who was funny because he could make up words and distort language better than any politician.

Tried an odd but healthy combo for the slow cooker, Chicken and cabbage. Anyhow the weather geeks have predicted(read guessed) that it’s going to be colder than a well-digger’s a** the middle of this week. Not like the last cold snap, that was colder than a witch’s t*t.

See you in the funnies.