Steven Bener in Rachel Maddow’s post usually writes on “This Week In God”. I picked out two pieces that caught my eye, 1) “Roughly half of Americans who watch sports believe that supernatural forces help guide the games’ outcomes.” Holy s**t!! What about all of that training and learning and the genetics that went into making those behemoths that fight it out on the gridiron. Not to mention the cheerleaders. Okay, I digress. God doesn’t give a damn about the Super Bowl. There are other more important things to worry about, like all of the abuse He’ll get every time one of the teams in said game screws up. People who believe that are not quite pinheads but they follow Glen Beck.

Representatives Rush Holt (D-NJ), Jim Himes (D-CT) (yay) and Mike Hondal (D-CA) introduced a resolution that makes Feb. !2 Darwin Day and criticize religious opposition to modern biology and climate science. The measure is H Res 467 and it’s unlikely to get a vote in the House anytime soon. That is, unless you call your representative and tell him to get out of the 18th century and move along into the 21th.

Vice Admiral Michael Rogers is the new director of the NSA. He’s an expert on the art of designing cyberweapons but has no public track record of addressing the kinds of privacy concerns that have put the agency under the spotlight. Look, this might be one time I agree with the choice. Yes, we’ve had people in more important jobs who went into them without a lot of on-the-job training, take for instance one George Washington who didn’t want the job and Harry S Truman who was kept in the dark by a super-president. They seem to have done quite well. Washington got the show started with things like not addressing the President as “Your Majesty” Truman took over for a great president but one who might have been a tad of an egomaniac. He made a decision that changed the world and at the time convinced an enemy who might or might have not caused the deaths of many more American service men. Now, in hindsight some retro-historians say the bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki weren’t necessary. They were at the time. Admiral Rogers will grow into the job. Right now, the legislative branch is on point when it comes to misdeeds by various parts of the espionage community. Yeah, I know it will pass but for right now they’ll keep watch. At least until 2016, when they’ll get distracted.

Like we didn’t suspect. Wildstein, a former Christie appointee is talking through his lawyer and he’s saying he’s got evidence that Big Boy knew Yep. there’s an ulterior motive, he wants the Port Authority to pick up the tab for his legal fees. Hell, I’d do it.

NYT article on the Superbowl and sex trafficking. Thousands of testosterone and alcohol fueled men are descending (no surprise) on New Jersey and New York City. An equal amount of exploiters of women in the sex trade and talented amateurs will also arrive. Some of the gentlemen will leave with a “gift” for the folks back home. It’s Saturday, keep it inn your pants guys. Treatment is expensive and divorce is fatally expensive.

What chafes my a**: The E! Network airs the Kardashians and a new show “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” back to back. Is it just me, or am I missing something. The economy’s is in the toilet. unemployment is Depression era high and they’re putting the spawn of rich wastes of humanity on the air. Oh yeah, E! might pick up the tab for Kim’s wedding. WE really need that. Tonight or so they’re running a two-parter about the engagement of one of the minor Kardashians. PLEASE DON’T WATCH.

Bristol Palin criticized Wendy Davis’s parenting skills. Wendy is running for the governorship of Texas. She pulled herself up by her bootstraps. Now she’s running the opposition is dredging all kinds of BS about her past. Bristol, you couldn’t keep your legs together and not smart enough to send your “mate” to the pharmacy to buy a condom. Did you think the same Jesus your mom cloaks herself in would keep you from getting pregnant?

Rob Ford, Toronto mayor and drug user, had advice for Justine Bieber. I didn’t read it. I’ve heard enough bad advice from people in my life. My advice is that they both be sequestered and made to listen to each other. That should be punishment enough as long as it lasts for at least six months. And Justine should not be allowed back into the country. Not that we’re that good, but he just sucks.

On this date: Janet Jackson’s boob was semi-exposed on national television. I haven’t heard from the boob, wonder what she’s doing these days.

I joined a dating sight for people over fifty. I answer messages the ladies send me but get no responses. Do you think they read my blog?

See you in the funnies.