I’m running late. Today was spent trying to get hold of relatives without success. I’ll try later. Christmas is coming and I’m as prepared as I can be. Which means not so much. Got a brilliant idea for Xmas cards, e-cards. My smarter cousin sent me one and it hit me like a flash. Now for e-mails.

The Pres had a news conference this morning. He was going to announce that Joe Biden is going to head up a comprehensive study into the reasons for gun violence. He wants it on his desk by January 1st. He wants all the report to cover background checks, gun show loopholes and why it’s easier to buy an assault rifle than it is to get councelling that the Newton shooter needed. I expected some questions for Obama and Biden. There were questions by the asshat nominees for the week. The first question was about the fiscal cliff and what was being done. There was a follow-up, and another. Obama spent a lot of time explaining how the gap between Boehner and himself was closing. When the questions about the study came up, Obama was wnting Joe to get up and talk. He explained as best he could. after all the study usn’t due til January. When he wrapped up the network went to Natalie Morales who went to Chuck Todd. Chuck’s take on the whole thing, “The more they’re talking in public, the less they’re talking in private”. Brilliant Chuck, the conference was about gun control or are you afraid of mentioning it on public airwaves? NBC has a competent crew covering Washington but sometimes I wonder. It would have been nice if Chuck questioned the the motives behind the questions about the fiscal cliff. Are twenty seven dead less important than the reasons behind the political posturing that both sides have demonstrated instead of just getting the job done. It wouldn’t have hurt.

Sometime Monday two packages crossed paths in the neverland of shipping. One was headed out, back to its source. It was defective. The Caps Lock didn’t work and there was no real good advice on-line. I felt bad. I ordered the tablet and had high hopes for it. It wasn’t to be. The other package was its replacement. It arrived full of promise and a sketchy user’s manual. I’m looking forward to a search for a more comprehensive one on-line. Right now, I’m getting primed for another go-round with my new provider. I need a wireless hook-up in my bedroom. I’ll call Frank, he hooked me up with my new provider and he gave me his number.

Just for fun, Google Victoria Jackson. Yep, the former SNL cast member now ultra right-wing blogger. If you can check out her blog in re the Newrtown shootings. It’s always nice to know when fringe has to speak they send their A-Team. I don’t care where you fall along the ideological spectrum, this blog will get you thinking. It’s nice we have freedom of speech. There are so many opportunities for a good laugh and a shudder.

Heard this today in a blog. Thought I’d share.