I’ve got a new doctor. A psychiatrist to be exact. It started when my therapist left the VA and I had to get a new one. The appointment was made and I waited. It was marked on my calendar “MH 2pm”. I showed up, a half hour early. I didn’t bring glasses or Nook I was stuck watching CNN on the TV in the waiting room. I was bored, which for me is dangerous. My mind tends to wander into places that are great ideas for fiction but not too good to dwell on. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some psycho disguised as a mild mannered blogger. Incidents in my past sent me to therapy and I’ve continued. It’s cathartic. Also, meds have given me a few hours of sleep at night. My new doc is female which makes it three out of four. She’s educated (Yale Med). She asked questions, took notes and wrote down instructions. We had a few laughs and decided I should visit again in six weeks. That was the main part. I’d like to talk about the entertainment provided before I went into my session. Like I said, I get bored, easily. I was creeping to that point where I either go to sleep or begin to formulate a story line. In they walked. They were ordinary folk, waiting to see a doctor. I didn’t know it was my doctor. The couple settled in and it didn’t take long before the gentleman began to talk to the television. CNN was on and I didn’t blame him. His wife asked him to quiet down. He didn’t. She joined in. The gent moved to a seat out of sight range of the screen, muttering about “Lies, being unpatriotic and general bullshit” The arguement started. “How can America be the greatest country if we need improvement?” This was in reference to the Newtown shootings and the push for gun control. The vollied back and forth. He won a few points, but she seemed to be the voice of reason. Then the thing I dreaded happened. They began to try to draw me into the discussion. I tried mumbling but they wanted my views. I really wanted to tell them to shut the hell up. MH courtesy forbids that. Everyone is entitled to their own delusions. I was rescued. The doc called them and the fella gave me a thumbs up and said he wouldn’t take long. They didn’t. I was called and met my doctor. I spent a good part of the rest of my visit setting up an appointment, getting a flu shot and waiting in the pharmacy. That entails watching a TV screen and waiting for your name to be posted. It took a while but I found a zone that was quiet, sunny and rural.

Last weekend I saw Magical Mystery Tour for the third time. Twice on PBS and once on an afternoon in Fusachi, Japan. I was stationed there and was wandering around the city. I found a cafe and ordered a Sapporo. The television set annouced a special. The Beatles were mentioned. They had my attention. Sat for two hours and three beers watching Magical Mystery Tour with Japanese subtitles. It was wonderful. Other people who came into the cafe watched and I don’t think they grasped it. It stuck in my mind. Last weekend I took my own Magical Mystery Tour, time travelling back over thirty years and thousands of miles. I didn’t have the beer or the ambiance but it was nice.

I played phone tag with relatives this week. Last night I caught the ones I needed. I wound up with e-mail addresses, an invalid older cousin, a younger niece who want to be a cop and an older niece who’s in India getting married for the third time to the same guy. It was for a good cause, e-cards. Here’s a link to one that I found, actually not my older cousin sent me one and I backtracked. Here it is:. Save it and maybe use it instead of US Mail. That last thought was unpatriotic, we need to support USPS.

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See you on Monday.