First, I made a rookie mistake on Friday. I listened to news reports but didn’t pay enough attention when the local anchors stopped calling the shooter by name and refered to him as “the shooter”. Otherwise everything stands. I used extremely harsh language and stand by it. The revelations of mental health issues doesn’t change anything. In my life I’ve run into a few people who are and were teetering on the border of going over the edge. Myself there have been times when a violent solution to a problem crossed my mind. I gave it up. I believe that we’ve all got a moral switch that keeps us from committing criminal acts. We chose to ignore it. It’s never damaged. If I leave the unspeakable event of Friday, it’s with the thought “Don’t forget”.

On to stuff that was on tap:

I watched the 121212 Concert. It was good and it got people to open their wallets. One thing I noticed was the ad campaign. They listed the artists and finished with “and Paul McCartney”. Wow. All that rock royalty, the Stones, The Who, Roger Waters etal. “and Paul Mccartney”. We all know what he did and is still doing. But in an industry that has some of the biggest egos that sublimnate when it comes to good causes, why “and Paul McCartney”. I know he didn’t ask for that billing. Did the adman who conceived the campaign think that Sir Paul deserved special treatment? Did he think it would bring on more boomers? I hope not. The line-up was strong enough to bring out even the converted to watch. I’m talking about those souls who have foresaken rock and roll for Christian Rock and Easy Listening. Maybe nobody else noticed. Maybe I’m just blowing the whole thing out of proportion. It just hung around in my brain.

Frito-Lay is releasing a Pepsi Chicken flavored chip in China. How come they get all the good stuff? Or are we being spared a fast track to oblivion?

More on food: Why do I buy prepackaged lunch meat instead of getting it a the deli? It lasts longer. That’s a bad reason because it calls to question the stuff they add to it. And you grt those nifty plastic containers to store stuff in.

I had three nominees for Asshat of the Week, but the unnamed shooter in Newtown Ct won that hands down. Here are the original nominees:

Brent Troy Bartel of Richmond Hills TX. He carved a pentagram in his six year old’s back with a boxcutter on 12/12/12 because it was a “Holy Day”

To the father and daughter who were discovered to have conceived a child. This came out after the daughter’s lover complained that the father was selling pictures of her and the daughter.

The woman who had sex with an eight  year old. Her husband who coached the boy and introduced him to pornography. Not to mention the under-aged girls the husband recruited.

We’re heading to the cliff faster and faster. At least they’re in custody.

There was a plot to murder Justin Bieber. Why don’t I care?

Listened to Paloma Faith’s new CD, Fall To Grace. Buy it.

My introduction to women country singers was Patsy Cline. She was followed by Tammy Wynette and Lorretta Lynn. Mostly I stayed away. The songs were usually twangy tales of marital infidelity or songs of female empowerment Southern style. Last week I heard Tift Merritt. She’s country all right. Here songs are are country fare with a backbeat and a rock sensibility. You don’t wander away from the music to read that article in the paper, you listen. Bramble Rose is really worth a listen

Some music:


See you on Wednesday