My printer died. The manufacturer wasted about three hours of a Thursday afternoon telling me something I knew in my gut. First, I like to talk to tech support while they’re trying to fix whatever they’re working on. It allows me the opportunity to get them out of places THEY think are where the problem is like my Solitaire apps and onto the matter at hand. Well, I was on-line with Brian who wouldn’t talk to me, maybe it was because this was my second call and I’d replaced the ink cartridges just like the last guy told me. The final assessment was that it was a hardware problem. In other words, a new printer. They volunteered to send me one in about eight business days. I needed now. They wouldn’t contact the place I bought the printer and get me a replacement I could pick up myself. So as reasonably as I could I told the to FOAD. I bought a new printer and ink. Twenty minutes and I’m hooked up. The problem, the laptop has gone crazier than usual. A call to a repair shop and I’m set. A trip for a USB to USB transfer cable to move documents and I’m set. Didn’t use it printed the docs and will continue from where they end off. The tech at the shop answered a question I had “Why does my computer jump from page to page when I don’t want it to?”
The answer: “You’ve got a virus.” As far as the double vowels and punctuation that slowed me down? It’s because I can’t freakin type properly.

Barry Obama visited New Britain Wednesday. I had to be at the gym and figured that I’d miss the traffic festivities. Wrong, major wrong. He hadn’t arrived when I drove to Stop and Shop to pick up a few items. There was a police presence at highway exits and along the route. I know in retrospect that I should have just gone home napped and went shopping later in the day. I didn’t because I’m a male and basically not all that bright. After shopping, the cars in the parking lot were prevented from leaving by a burr-head local who was practicing to get a role in Smoky and the Bandit XII reboot. He stood at the end of the driveway with hands, palms forward preventing cars that hadn’t moved in at least ten minutes, in place. Barry hadn’t arrived but he was coming. (I had a dirty pun about the cop but I don’t want to go there) I spent thirty minutes talking to the nice ladies who were hoping for a photo of the POTUS even though they were kind of far away. I waited in line, playing solitaire on my Kindle because I forgot my glasses and couldn’t read any of the books. Forty five minutes later he cruised by and back on the highway on his way to Massachusetts. The Smokey wannabe? He was still holding up traffic when I moved to the light. He didn’t have a clue as what to do next. He chatted with someone on his radio until he stepped aside because the folks who wanted out of the parking lot were looking a tad tetchy.

A note to Barak

Hi. I waited while in a supermarket parking lot while you were visiting New Britain CT. Here’s the thing, while you were having lunch with governors of neighboring states, we waited. And got royally PO’ed. while you were dining on a Korean steak sandwich and giving publicity to a restaurant that’s probably going to go belly up in a year or so. I know the location, it’s a graveyard for restaurants. Back to those of us who waited. I know that your security and protection is important, but when you’re five or so miles away surrounded by Secret Service, waiting in a line doesn’t help your popularity. Yes CT is a blue state but we’re ornery and tend to remember. Democrats vote Republican when their party can’t come through. All I’m saying is, the local police could have let us move on to our business while you had lunch. A lot of people thought that you would arrive, do what you had to and move on. Anyway talking to students at CCSU about the minimum wage was more of a cautionary tale than a pitch to get it bumped up. A lot of them are going to be looking at minimum wage jobs after graduation. You’d have done better giving them a lecture on proper job search etiquette.
You pal,

The Boss leaves New Jersey

Listening to an MMP3 player a couple of nights ago, I noticed the player loaded the CDs in the order they came out. Having insomniac OCD, the order of the songs kind of stuck:
Greetings From Asbury Park New Jersey
The Wild, the Innocent and the E street Shuffle
Born to Run
Born in the USA
He started out in his neighborhood, moved to the beach, decided that New Jersey wasn’t the place for him and became a citizen of America. His music showed it. He liked local girls but needed to get the hell out of the Ocean State. He told everybody what they already knew, staying around in a state that is noted for corruption isn’t exactly the best climate to raise a family. It is though a fertile ground for musical and literary material. He moved on. When NJ got way too interesting he decided to musically hit the road. What he saw was America, not the Norman Rockwell America, but the darker, scarier America that forgot veterans and wasn’t quite fit for a Saturday Evening Post cover. He wandered into darker places, but I need music to help me sleep, not mull over problems that pop up on a daily basis.

Note to my favorite potential bikini model

Hi Sarah, read today that you latest pronouncement was an echo of Wayne LaPierre. Just because Vlad Putin has nukes doesn’t mean we have to threaten him with our nukes. Obama might appear weak, he’s just following the wishes of those who voted for him. Now, I know this sounds sexist and chauvinistic but give up politics. You’re an attractive woman and probably would look outstanding in a bikini. And, there are rational women on the right who know that hanging on to Tea Party ideology is a quick trip to political oblivion. Think Bull Moose Party.

The Mets beat Atlanta in the ninth today. Yesssssssssssss!