Sandy’s coming. I’m waiting. It’s a battle of wills I’ll lose. Hell I’m fighting Mother Nature. How can I win? By staying inside for the next thirty six hours and staying dry. I’ve resigned myself to a major power outage. The Nook is charged, the boom box has fresh batteries as do two smaller radios and the lanterns I got from LL Bean are ready. As a rule this would ensure power because every time I prep for something it doesn’t happen. This time we’re in for a big blow. It’ll be like living in a wind tunnel with water. I’ll get a running commentary from Murphy, but that’s what he does. I’ll just read, sleep and listen to CDs and audiobooks. I understand the hoohah the news outlets are raising but for God’s sake we live in New England. Stuff like this happens. We’ll live. A few trees are going to take out power lines and the crews will get to them when it’s safe. Right now we can watch football or the series and wait. This would be a nice time for a strong beverage but I abstain, doctor’s orders. It’s winding up. I can hear the wind through the trees outside. The real s**t will hit the fan early tomorrow morning. Just in time for breakfast. I’ll wait. I’ve prepped. And we have have gas stoves and hot water.

Do you think it’s too early for an Impeach Romney movement? Just sayin’. In case the election goes sideways. What would be interesting would be a Romney /Biden administration. Then the Democrats could rise up and oust the rascal. Then Biden could appoint Barack VP, resign and get appointed VP when Barack accedes. This would drive the Right bats**t. Even better, Biden appoints Bill Clinton VP. that would result in the worse case of political blueballs in history. Bill would be hanging around the Oval Office waiting for Joe to grab at his chest. Hillary would sneak behind Biden and light off fireworks to move cardiac arrest along. This is something for Karl Rove to mull over. Those godless liberals will do anything to stay in power. It would be a lesson for tin pot despots thinking about siezing power taking the rein of whatever government is oppressing them. It would show Great Britain, France and all those naysayers in Europe who didn’t think we’d last. The Constitution would get a workout which would enforce the belief that things built in America work.

Hope everybody in Sandy’s path will make it out. This is not the time to be attached to material goods as they can be washed away toot sweet.


See you when Sandy leaves.