Just got done watching Mockingbird Lane, a reboot of  The Munsters. I have no idea why NBC made a one-of show out of it. Jerry O’Connell is perfect as Herman. He’s a normal father trying to deal with family problems. Gone is the clownish Frankenstein make-up. O’Connell is your neighbor next door even if he’s got a zipper on his chest to access his heart. Portia de Rossi is beautiful as Lily. She is closer to Carolyn Jones Mortica Addams. Her first appearance is an eye-opener. Yvonne DiCarlo was maternal, Portia Is a MILF. Mason Cook is Eddie, a young boy who is at the time of life when strange changes happen. Like massacring members of his scout troop. A portion of the storyline is spent with telling him he’s a  werewolf, a vegetarian at that. Marilyn is played by Charity Wakefied. she knows her family and her role a the freak of the family. She’s no goody two shoes like in the past series. She can be evil, with reservations. The gem of the show is Eddie Izzard as Grandpa, a ghoul/shape shifter. He has all the best lines and knows how to deliver them. If you’re looking for G-Rated family fare maybe not. If you’re looking for the way the should-be have been done in the first place this is for you. The bad news is barring reruns if you missed the show tonight you’re SOL. There is one thing you can do, call your local NBC affiliate and harrass them into telling the network this show should have a slot in the lineup. If your friends liked it have them call, too.