There is something about blogging that brings out the procrastinator in me. The usual excuse is I have nothing to say. This is a good trait in human interaction but sucks pond water when you blog. My refuge is a WIP that can eat up time so I walk away feeling I’ve done something. One other thing, why do restaraunt commercials always seem like a campaign ad for overeating and overspending. Give me a break. Walking into one of those temples of conspicuous dining is one way to make fast friends with a cardiologist. Mine knows they scared me good and I stay on the path to health. I can’t eat like the normal Joe and I don’t bergrudge anyone who has their health under control. Eat up, but understand that you’ve been manipulated into going. Try making the food of your desire yourself. The excercise will be rewarding. You can make it the way you want and won’t be a slave to corporate manipulation. Gotta make red sauce.