Can’t get into the World Series. Probably because both of the teams are from the Midwest and the East Coast doesn’t have a vested interest in it. I’m not ready to give up on baseball. Football just seems too early. College basketball hasn’t started yet and chances are there’ll be no pro game. Don’t understand hockey. I had a pro player explain the basics of the game but none of it sank in beside shoot that puck, score that goal. CT is mainly wild about UCONN Women’s Basketball. The men look good but they play against teams that can upset them. The women are beyond good. We’ve become spoiled and bitch and whine when they don’t blow out their opponents. Used to be UCONN vs. Tennessee was a nailbiter. Haven’t seen them lately. I’m reaching here. Thought I had an appointment at the VA today but when I got there they didn’t have me in the computer. Had to reschedule. I remember making the appointment for today. Maybe the doc forgot to put it in the computer or I had a senior moment.