They found “shiny stuff” on Mars. Great scientific terminology.


A bus driver kicked a mom off his bus because her kid’s diaper smelled. He’s not married, an uncle or probably had any contact with a woman, ever.

The CIA has found links to militants in the Benghazi attack. If there wasn’t they’d find some. Bin Laden was behind it, from the grave.

The “sexy Big Bird” is under fire from Sesame Street people. I always am a sucker for “sexy nurse”,  Big Bird not so much. Too many risks of nightmares of Mr. Hooper telling me I can’t come into his store.

Stones tickets are being scalped for $21K. Five, over sixty guys, trying to get a rich, over sixty crowd off. Too much like AARP porno. They’re rehearsing 70 some songs. In case Mick or Keith have a senior moment or just plain screw up.

“Romnesia”: Barack’s new buzzword to remind the voters he’s young, educated and reallly wants your vote. “Barackomania”: The uncontrolled attempt to convince the people that you’re a ordinary guy, even though you allegedly run the country.

Asshat of the Week: Joe Walsh (R, Ill) says abortion is never needed because “modern technology has eliminated the risks of childbirth”.  How about drunk Uncle Joe raping his fifteen year old niece? Too creepy? The Right has a bunch of men who are experts on carrying and giving birth. Hpw could they be wrong? I mean they gave birth? Right? Keep your nose out of other people’s private parts.

Sylvia Kristel died at age 60.  If you don’t know her, you weren’t a young man searching “art houses” for foriegn films. So what if they had sex and nudity? It was art.

Will A-Rod be a Yankee next season? After their stellar post-season play, who f**cking cares? A less ego-driven team would have had a garage sale a long time ago. Even idols have a “use by” date.

Rob kissed Kristen. Again who f**cking cares?

A tour fot those, like me avoid the West Coast:

A little music:

Be good to one another. Support your local food bank. Read to a kid, or senior. Adopt a shelter pet. Stay healthy.

See you Monday.