I spent the weekend trying to put together a weekly feature for the blog. I’ve asked more questions than a fifteen year old virgin in a Tijuana cathouse. I got answers. So many answers. Most of them didn’t help I did have one bright spot a member of the WordPress community who gave me the direction I needed and offered follow-up information. I get a “can’t post because of security reasons” message. I’m sure I know why I’m getting it and have tried to work a way to post the songs. Back on point, in my search, I was given pages of sites to view ranging from close to my inquiry to stuff. Yep, stuff. Information that I couldn’t use if I was writing a history of humanity. The WWW is wonderful but it’s like an encyclopedia with motor mouth. You ask a simple question and get a not so simple answer. It’s like asking the time and learning how to build a clock. I know precision in framing the question is paramount but how exact do you have to be. I know it’s an artificial intelligence. Anyway, that’s what they told me in school. All I want is a simple answer. Preferably in coherent steps. I’ll keep trying to figure out how to post an audio link to my blog.

As if the stuff I’ve written about above isn’t enough, I’ve got to go to DMV to renew my license. Oh joy!!!!! I can’t wait. I wait in line, get my picture taken, wait som more, give them money and they can’t give me back the time I’ve lost. One hint, save all your change from those trips to the store and after a while you’ll have enough to pay for the longest term between renewals as possible.

Earworm: Back on the Chaingang by The Pretenders

Be nice, see you Wednesday. I’ve got a story to finish.

Hell, here’s the poll. Remember the songs and vote