This is where I went to talk to various military types prior to my getting a “Congratulations, your number has been chosen” letter notifying me that I was eligible for a vacation in Southeast Asia. I didn’t want to go but was too much of a coward to join an organized movement or leave the country. It still stands, empty. Hopefully still with the post office boxes that were gilt on the door and a combination lock. I visited every week to check the F.B.I.’s Ten Most Wanted List just in case I passed one on the street. The walls were too thick and there wasn’t enough space inside for everything concerning mail.


This is what we have now. From this angle the cars look like piglets suckling on an emaciated sow. It’s too modern, and there’s no Ten Most Wanted List inside. There’s no art involved. It’s just another faux modern building erected to keep the profile low and look efficient. The mail boxes are grey metal and dull. The only entertainment is waiting in line with people who truly have no idea how the Post Office functions. You go in with a plan; if you need stamps have enough money to pay, if you’re shipping have an idea of the weight and have enough money to ship it. In other words think before you go in.

Odd bits: Glasses for TV and general wear have gone from optional to mandatory. New reading glasses are coming. Getting older is a bitch. The cataracts are slowly getting worse but the eye doctor knows about it and is watching. Finally figured pictures to blog out.

Have a good week and enjoy the weather.