I’ve been in the VA system since 1971. I’ve been collecting a disability on and off since then. It’s been good and it’s been God-awful. The problem is, the care givers are underpaid, the system is understaffed at the service level, overstaffed at the management level, the patients sometimes are believe they are entitled and as in any juggernaut service there’s going to be screw-ups. The dust-up caused by patients not receiving care and others having difficulty getting into the system has been a long time coming. As far back as I can remember, the VA has been a go-to for vets who couldn’t afford private care provided by insurance they got through their job and retired servicemen and women.

I got in after a suicide attempt and realizing that I couldn’t afford private care. Back then the facility I go to was a full hospital. Upon discharge, I had clinicians to help me and while in the hospital I was signed into the system. I collected a disability and along with GI Bill college monies I was able to go to school and not have to work. [That was not a good idea]. I lost the monthly check about four times when I ignored appointments for reevaluations. I was stupid. And drinking. I was assigned a clinician who I saw and received meds from. It was a revolving door. The clinicians came and went, usually when they discovered that their patient load was going to be double or triple that in the private sector, they went. Some were bats**t nuts, others just listened and waited for a paycheck. Every now and then you got one who paid attention and earned his or her money. When you got a keeper you tried to get as much out in as short amount of time because you didn’t know how long they’d hang in. One I had had me hospitalized for depression and then diagnosed me a bipolar. The second diagnosis got me on lithium and a 21 day coma because she forgot to schedule blood work to see if I was getting rid of the lithium [I wasn’t]. I.ve been with the Mental Health faction of the system. My disability gets me into Cardiac Care, Physical Therapy and Primary Care. Enough about me, let’s fix the system. Last week I had some suggestions, here’s a few more.
A) Don’t screw with Gen Shinseki, he’s a disabled vet and should know the system.
B) Don’t f*****g make a political football out of this. These men and women served, most of the politicians only wave weapons at NRA fund raisers.
C) Also, vets groups are a tad militant about this. Stay away from the heads of DAV, AmVets, IAVA etc. Talk to the man on the street. That’s where you’ll find a loot of vets because they’re “One of them”. You know the people in the racial, substance abusing and homeless, jobless groups. They’ll give you the truth.
D) Make the changes that effect the humans, not the bureaucracy.
E) Take money from the military and give it to the veterans. Ignore the generals in charge, they’re a bunch of saber rattling pointy-headed ivory tower warriors. Very few see action, or if they did it was long ago.
That’s all I’ve got. I’m open to more suggestions.

Dating services suck. I don’t want to date my grandmother. Are there any attractive women out there who are willing to take a chance on me. Enough said.

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