Hi mom, it’s been a while since we’ve talked. June back in 1960, just before you died. A lot of stuff has happened, most of it not too interesting. I’ll give you a quick overview. Dad never remarried, maybe because he couldn’t find anyone like you or raising two kids was a handful. Linda (Lynn) and I made it through Catholic school and went on to public school. I didn’t make it into college until I got out of the military, Lynn went to Community College and got a job in a bank. Dad tried to keep the household together. Aunt Ann came in once a week to give the house a once over. I learned laundry. Aunt Ann wouldn’t do ours, so we had to. Lynn got married to a nice guy named Bryan and two great daughters, Carrie and Michelle. Long story short, it didn’t last. Bad news, Lynn split. This was after we sold the house. Dad’s probably reading this over your shoulder. I helped with the kids. They turned out great. You’re a great-grandmother. Three boys so far and one on the way. You’d like the kids and their kids. I’m sorry for not visiting your grave, you’re with Grandma and Grandpa and your aunt in Sacred Heart. Dad’s in St. Mary’s with Aunt Ann, Aunt Mary and Uncle Scotty. Dad’s going was a surprise that was the only place we could let him rest. One thing if you run into Linda, call her Lynn she gets her back up when she’s called Linda. Reminds her of something, I think, but don’t know what.
I really miss you, though I knew you weren’t going to be with us. I loved you, you were my mother. Even though somebody else gave birth to me, you were there for all of the good and bad times we had together. I’d be lying if I said I wish I could see you because that would require me dying and I’m not ready for that yet. I’ll see you though and we’ll catch up on old times. I’ll try to bring that old leather suitcase full of black and white photos we took on vacations.

Odd bits. As I’m posting the smells of summer are coming through the living room window. That ambrosial mix of lighter fluid and charcoal fires awaiting burgers and hot dogs. Watching a Mets game and those smells really take me back.
Earlier this week a bee got caught inside the apartment. She was bouncing off the window screen until I let her out. I’ve been hearing another bee bouncing off the window screen. This time outside. There’s no mystery where the bees come from the garden next door has a couple of bee hives near our yard.
On the medical front: My back has been assigned a physical therapist, Stretching feels good after you do but during it bites. My PCP called me and gave me a heads-up about my heart. It’s not perfect but it’ll keep me alive. And I had a minor heart attack somewhere prior to two years ago.

The VA is taking flak for screwing around with patient appointments and things to make certain hospitals look good. The doctors and nurses are carrying patient loads far greater than they would if they were treating civilians. A solution partially taken from the NBC military reporter/advisor and embellished; 1) Evaluation of veterans after discharge. Those requiring specialized treatment should be sent to private physicians who will be paid directly by the government. 2) Veterans who are indigent or do not receive benefits should be afforded medical treatment at nominal cost at treatment facilities. 3) Doctors and nurses in training should be offered a tuition break if they will enlist in the Armed Services. Physicians and nurses in the military should be offers recompense for extending their tours in the VA system. It could be 2 or 3 years.
The above is needed.

Tell your mother you love her. She loved you through all the crazy crap you did growing up. See you in the funnies.