There were two judicially required deaths carried out this past week. The first went off without a hitch the other was screwed up beyond human comprehension. In the second the recipient tried to get up and spoke to the people around him. He died later in a hospital. the problem is; aren’t you supposed to die pretty much as quickly as possible after being injected with the lethal drugs. It isn’t that the recipient didn’t die immediately, if go back in history you’ll find a bunch of botched executions. the usual reward was freedom or a bullet to the back of the head. Freedom wasn’t an often used option. The show began as soon as the news came out that the execution had been botched. Everyone had an opinion. the chemicals were defective because European companies that manufacture them won’t ship them to the U.S. and we have to rely on second tier companies to manufacture them. Kind of like my paternal grandma did during Prohibition in the bathtub and on the Q.T. Except she made hooch. The European companies don’t want a lot of static from anti-death penalty people in the countries they export to. By anti-death penalty, I mean pretty much most of Europe. Russia and the S.S.R.s I’m not sure about.

We’re America, we’ve invented pretty much everything that counts: the A Bomb, repeating pistols, the cotton gin, mass produced automobiles and the electric chair. All of which have caused problems. The French had a semi-good idea, ship the really bad criminals to an island far, far away, say like Devil’s Island. It didn’t work all that well because of the Dreyfus Case (Google it). I have a reasonable solution. Gitmo is a pain in the a** to Cuba, right? Okay, we send a death row inmate to Gitmo and remove a G.I. stationed there. We don’t tell Cuba. Pretty soon they’ve got a base full of ex-cons (sorta) and we’re out of Cuba. We have to watch for the tipping point. Off-shore maneuvers could cover it. You know a misfire could kill them off if they misbehaved.

A guy in Nevada didn’t want to pay a buck a head to graze his cattle on federal land. When the Feds got testy he threatened them and they backed down. End of story? No way Jose. The Right jumped in this guy’s circle of friends and they couldn’t say enough good about him. Then he opened his mouth. He turned out to be a racist bigot who sounded like George Wallace before he saw the light and a somewhere close to the Klan right after the Civil War when lynching a Nigra was a family night out. (Sorry) They bailed, some quickly, others not so much. Maybe a lot of the Right looks back in fondness on the Good Ole Days when them that were white, Protestant and ‘Merican ran the show. You know when the wimmen folk stayed in the kitchen and had little ‘uns. Hi guys, it’s 2014, wake the f**k up.

Happy Birthday: 4/3 Ann B. Davis (How are those Brady brats doing?) Christopher Cross (Runner-up for the most annoying song behind The Macarena)
4/5 Dick Dale (King of the Surf guitar) Pia Zadora (How’s that movie career doing?) Audrey Hepburn (Go to Huffington Post for a montage of her. she got better with age)

Happy Cinco De Mayo tomorrow. Be nice to a Chihuahua, buy it a Corona.