Hi, Happy Easter. I should mention this but the lady I talked about last week has company. This lady lives in Massachusetts. She’s a Christian, devout, and looking for a long-term relationship. So am I. Yeah, two women, both really wonderful. The one on Long Island is a bit more earthy and sounds like fun. The one in Massachusetts is a good girl grown up. The good girl had nothing to do with morals or sexuality but that inner glow that shines out of their eyes from their souls. You love them but rarely date them when you’re young because your hormones are screaming. Not dating them is a mistake. The good girl is the one who’ll be with you through all the s*** that life dishes out. The earthy girls scare us too. Teen-aged boys are afraid of failure, especially with women. I want both but at some point will have to choose. It depends on how horny I am or how spiritual I am. The one in Massachusetts asked me a question, “Are you a friend of Bill’s?” I won’t explain but some of you will get it. Yes, I am. Other women appear on dating sites but they don’t seem to last.

Happy Birthday, Adolf Hitler. I hope the place in Hell you’re in is as miserable as it can be. I hope all of the Jews who really went bad are in charge and they’re sticking a pointy stick up your butt, fifteen times a day.

The death, Rubin “Hurricane” Carter. Knock ’em out champ. They did a movie about you, ran your case through the courts and people still didn’t think you were innocent. Dylan wrote a song. When I used to drink in The Corner Pub and I was mildly stoked, I would play the crap out of that song.

The Toshiba is back. I spent most of yesterday afternoon getting the sucker hooked up to Wi-Fi. No luck. I wired to the modem and I have to get in touch with somebody to help me besides my IP. My Dell with Windows 7 is now with the go-to guy. He’s going to Roto Root the system and speed it up. Meanwhile, I’m going to figure out how to move documents from Windows 8 to Windows 7. I’ve heard it might entail flash drives (shudder). My original thought was to print everything up and edit it and do the rewrites. My new printer drinks ink. With everything I’ve got stored, it’ll take a dozen trips to Target to get enough cartridges to get everything done. And where to keep all of it.

Started another on-line course on magazine writing. Twelve lessons about stuff I need to learn. I’m a week behind already. I’m like that.
Am watching and watched Billy Crystal’s 700 Sundays. He’s funnier than all get out.

Got to go. There’s a brisket that needs to be cooked. I found the recipe on-line and it’s just a bit complicated. Five hours in the oven. The apartment will smell great and I’ll have dinner for the next week.

Be good to one another. Tell somebody near you that you love them, and mean it. See you in the funnies.