Hi, it’s Sunday and I’m watching the Mets and trying to get this sucker posted so I can move onto doing Sunday crosswords. Lynn has moved on and so have I. I was contacted by another lady, this one on Long Island. We’ve e-mailed back and forth. She’s retired and is looking for companionship. I’m willing. In comparison to my first e-mail dating exchange this one is only a bit less intense but a whole lot saner. We’re looking for the same thing and I’m willing to wait and see where this goes. I’ve told her I’m chasing her, but in a sane, nice way. I truly hope this chance at a relationship moves into something more than an exchange of e-mails. (As I’m watching the Mets game, the Angels have just scored three back to back to back home runs. My life sucks) Got a message and a profile from another lady in Massachusetts. I read her profile, paying attention to comments she added to her answers. If the Long Island lady doesn’t want to continue, the MA. lady might. I sent her a message saying that I was awaiting a response from another woman and I don’t try to play two women at the same time. That’s suicidal. Women know, they transmit thoughts over hundreds of miles. That’s why so many cheating men get caught, besides being stupid. Okay, one final thought on the dating scene: Every now and then my mind strays from women who are proper for me i.e. Close to my age and experience to that thirty some soccer mom/divorcee who smiles at me in the Stop and Shop. I really would like one, but I know that a) She’d probably kill me, b) We have little in common and c) There’s an ex-husband/boyfriend lurking nearby. I can dream can’t I? If either of the above ladies move the relationship into serious territory, I’ll explain. I look discretely but never touch. I subscribe to Paul Newman’s philosophy; Why dine out on hamburger when you have file mignon at home?

On April 13, 1954, Bill Haley and the Comets recorded Rock Around the Clock as an afterthought. Those of you who don’t know the song, Google it, I’ll wait. Okay? My mother let me buy a 78 rpm vinyl to play on our Silvertone (Google it), monophonic (Google it) wire recorder (Google it) and record player (ask your nearest, oldest relative) copy. I played the hell out of it and at times I thought she was on the verge of confiscating it. Up until then I’d only heard their music. This was my music. It wasn’t that popular at first. Until Blackboard Jungle came along (you know). Reading the opening credits is worth the price of the ticket. Glen Ford tops the bill but the supporting cat include Sydney Poitier, Vic Morrow and (sigh) Anne Francis aka Honey West (again). It popped up again in American Graffiti, and it’s weak sister Happy Days. One last thought, the geniuses at the label released the record as a “fox trot” (ask your mom or dad, but be careful they might want to demonstrate).

April is a great month for tragedies. The Civil War began and ended. Something lost on a portion of our population. Lincoln got shot. Again some ambivalence. The Titanic sank. That got at least three movies, including one by Joseph Goebbels where a serious, brave German officer on-board tries to dissuade the hard-headed British captain from sailing into an ice field. It also made James Cameron richer than God, took Leonardo DiCaprio from young adult star to grown-up star and let us have a view of the nude body (tasteful, of course)of a young starlet who now kind of regrets doing it. Backtracking, the Civil War gave us a slew of movies, including Birth of a Nation, D.W. Griffith’s paean to racism. Another almost tragedy was Apollo 13. If you call an exploding oxygen tank an “almost tragedy”. They astronauts got back safely and Tom Hanks was able to get all extant copies of “Bosom Buddies” buried in a salt cave in Arkansas.

My first week on Weigh Watchers: I gained .2 pounds but discovered thin crust broccoli pizza with onions and prosciutto. It’s good for three meals. Protein shakes are great for weekly breakfasts, weekend, not so much.

I will say this for the first of many time this baseball season: THE METS SUCK SWAMPWATER THROUGH A GRAPE FLAVORSTRAW.

See you in the funnies. Don’t look at it as getting lost, look at it as a Zen adventure. You know where you want to go but the route isn’t exactly totally thought out.