I’ve been trying to stop swearing or at least slow it. The lady is offering a service here.

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small__7441708572 Some days you just need to swear.

When I first posted on this topic, Baby Girl was just starting to talk. Now? She’s repeating everything, which means I have to spell everything. And sometimes the Hubs will just say the word I’m trying not to say (like chocolate)…and then I want to swear.

Or she’ll take every toy out the bin, so the bin is clean and my dining room is a mess. And then I really want to swear.

I think I’m gonna need some more help from my posse on this one. What new tricks do you have for swearing that isn’t actual swearing. I’m going to have to start getting more creative, I think.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that (periodically) I swear. I think about everyone does, at least when things aren’t going smoothly. Well, OK…everyone but my Aunt Sherry who taught kindergarten for 30+ years.

One thing…

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