Everyone needs Emily Hartridge in their lives. Okay, not Everbody.

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10-number_photopin I just discovered 10 Reasons Why  and Emily Hartridge is killing me.

I was on YouTube to look up Minnie Mouse’s Bowtique for Babykins and what do I see at the top of the page?

Vaginas Are Awesome…10 Reasons Why. How do you NOT click on that?

Well I did, and I laughed. I mean, reason #2 is “ping-pong.”

Then I watched 8 more videos and followed her on Twitter. This gal admits she’s full of B.S., which I can always appreciate. Finally, I had to step awa-a-a-y from YouTube and get over here to share it with all of you. I haven’t giggled through so many videos since I discovered Talk Boston.

First of all, shoo your kids out of the room if you’re going to watch these videos.

This gal is British and she’s crass, and she curses as much as Chuck Wendig (who I also love). If…

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