First, about seven or so years ago I got an infection in my gums. It didn’t bother me at first but after a while I was at the dentist’s office begging for an appointment. Lots of Novocain and about three visits I was being fitted for dentures. At first I hated them but accepted them because I somehow believed the infection was my fault. I got used to them and the routine of removing them and cleaning them every night. They interfered with my social life because I was ashamed. There were other issues, my weight, self image and the general shyness that I’ve always had. The shyness made me overcompensate. I was loud, overbearing and annoying. The dentures are an additional little bit of business that screws with my brain. Over the past month or so I’ve been supplementing my diet and gym time with acupuncture. I’ve come to be kind of attached to my acupuncturist. I’ve though about asking her out. I think she’s attractive and when I first saw her my heart hurt. I was looking at another inaccessible woman in a long list of them. For three weeks I’ve meant to ask her but overthought it and chickened out. This Tuesday was to be the day. I figured that I had to give it a shot. If there were any impediments, like a husband, fiancée or boyfriend, I’d step away. I’m a gentleman after all. Okay, I bought some hard rolls at the market. Yesterday I made a sandwich, about two bites in I heard a sorta crack. I felt around with my tongue and there was a crack. I knew about feeling things with my tongue, whatever you’re feeling seems to be a cavern even if it’s a miniscule hole. I checked that night and the crack was small and didn’t go all the way through. This afternoon I made another sandwich, I know, stupid and settled in for lunch. The first bite made a noise louder than the previous day’s. The upper plate split. I pulled the pieces out and cleaned them. I’m going on my knees tomorrow to the dentist. The sandwich wasn’t that bad cut into small pieces, but my plan of having broccoli pie for dinner and maybe three or more dinners was shot. Along with any chance of asking the acupuncturist out. To make matters worse, I’ve talked to Max, the Body and Abs class instructor at the gym and promised her I’d be there at 8:30 for an 8:45 class. I have a class scheduled Tuesday for my regular class. I’m thinking of cancelling both until I get my teeth back. Vanity thy name is Tom. I can hear tens of you out there saying that image doesn’t matter, but oh, it does. Especially to someone who has been beaten down lately. Me.

I’ve gone through my clothes and found a lot of them don’t fit anymore. a lot of them are things I bought and they fit my large figure. I’ve got XXXL polo shirts and jeans that are two or three waist sizes bigger than I am. In my heart of hearts tossing clothing is not good. And I’ve just become acquainted with the Goodwill box. If I toss the clothes and I gain weight, I’m shopping again. If I don’t I’m occupying space with things that I can’t use. That’s something to think about. Goodwill looks real good right now.


Pitchers and catchers reported this past week. so did the really crappy weather in Spring Training Land.

Broccoli pie has been deconstructed and made into a pasta dish with leftovers for a broccoli pie later this week..

The diet and weight loss are doing good. Now to deal with the abovementioned social setback.

See you in the funnies.