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speed-limit-40Yesterday, my brother posted this on Facebook — 40 Effed Up Things About Being 40 — and his crowd went wild. The author of the post, Amy Wruble, from Carriage Before Marriage is awesome, but in this case I’m going to disagree with her.

I thought 40 ROCKED.

As I told one of my best girlfriends, I see it like this:

  • At 20 we’re just learning how to ask questions about life.
  • At 30, we’re just starting to figure out what the important questions are.
  • At 40, we’re finally learning some of the answers.

That’s a big damn deal.

Perhaps I wasn’t a normal twenty/thirtysomething (although I believe I was) but I worried A LOT.

I worried about grades in college and about dating.
I worried about my career and about finding “the one.”
I worried about money.
I worried about my future, and how I’d do the kid thing if…

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