Anne Lamott If you want to make God laugh, tell Her your plans.
John Lennon Life is what happens when you’re making other plans.

I had the good, or terribly bad luck to listen to Gov. Chris Christie’s press conference. He ran on for over an hour. Yes. he apologized but somehow I don’t think his heart was in it. Somebody told him he could be the next Republican candidate for the presidency in 2016 and he bought it. Either he’s more gullible than I believe or dumber than dirt. !) He’s from freakin’ New Jersey. people from his own state are making fun of the corrupt politicos that have sprung up in that fertile breeding ground 2) He’s not slick enough. Despite what the people say, they want a leader who is smooth and suave. Somebody who won’t use overt methods to get even. 3) The last calorically challenged president we had was Taft, everybody, including me is into some kind of health program 4) He sweats. Nixon sweat, enough said. Now, just because he isn’t qualified in my opinion to run the country doesn’t mean that he can’t serve a real useful purpose. Nixon, after his disgrace and resignation became an elder statesman in the GOP. Candidates didn’t rush to the front door, but showed up at the side entrance for advice. Bill Clinton got impeached for having improper relations with Monica Lewinsky. They didn’t toss him, he stayed for the full ride. When he was done, the good ole Southern boy got an office in Harlem, NYC. Today he’s all over the world, doing good deeds and cutting a path for Hillary. When the people of New Jersey are tired of Christie, they’ll retire him but he’ll remain a cautionary tale and a source of how not to delegate.

I read M. Seline’s post Thursday. She talked about a crush she had on a TV star in her youth. It’s called a television crush. You get them on female news readers, male correspondents, actors, actresses, politicians (shudder), the person at the next desk at work or somebody you don’t know. The main part of a TV crush is separation. By a TV screen, marital status or whatever. First, I’ll confess, I’ve got one. It’s what I call my “morning crush” it starts at 7am with Mikka Brzezinski, continues with Robin Meade, Natalie Morales, Hoda and Kathie Lee onto Keri Lee Mailand and Shirley Chan culminating with Kara Sundlin. They all read news or on a news magazine. I know I’ll never meet any one of the women and I don’t have fantasies because they’re way too frustrating. I like them, but they’re TV people, too high maintenance for me. Anyway, I don’t get a second look from the checkout clerk at Target. I don’t let my “morning crush” obsess me. It screws your mind up and wastes energy. Carried to extremes, we have the unwilling poster child for TV crushes, Jodie Foster. Two mutants thought that killing the president and John Lennon would attract her attention, it didn’t work. So, when you’re salivating over that weather girl or studly war correspondent, think, there’s someone close to you who is accessible and probably more willing to reciprocate your affections. Me, I’m still waiting.

Anther sign of the apocalypse: WWE is launching streaming wrestling 24/7/ Tat’s exactly what we need. Morality plays filtered through the minds of the McMahon family.

See you in the funnies.