It’s Saturday. It’s minus something outside. I don’t want to know or feel it. I planned on going to the gym this morning but the temp was -10 F. I opted to make breakfast and watch The Food Network. It was worth it. The soreness has gone away. If it warms up ten degrees tomorrow I’ll go and do forty five minutes or an hour on the treadmill. Actually, I really don’t want to leave because I’ve got a pot of chicken soup simmering on the stove. Now I’m waiting for supper. The chicken is leftover from Christmas dinner and vegetables I found in produce when I was struck by insanity and went out on Thursday. I made stock in the crock pot, and thanks to the Murph’s penchant for cold beer it kept really well.

Heroes When we were young we wanted heroes. In my case the dominant hero was Superman. George Reeves was kind of wimpy in the wool suit and as Clark Kent, how he got away with being Superman is mind-stunning. Lois and Jimmy must have been brain dead or just laughing behind Superman’s back? What we as kids really wanted was the comic book version of superheroes, rippling muscles, rock hard abs, biceps that were beyond belief and legs like tree trunks. If you were to approach anyone who admired that superhero and kind of mentioned the homoerotic attraction, the guy would tell you that he was happily married and didn’t roll that way. Girls didn’t have all good. they had Wonder Woman who could kick any guy’s butt and was the brainchild of a kinda creepy psychologist. Wonder Woman got a larger audience when Lynda Carter player the heroine. They tried to dumb it down from the original Nazi hunting, crime fighting Amazon. Happily she refused. Now, we need superheroes. Not aliens or insect bitten heroes but people who will do the simple things to make the world a better place. We don’t need greatness, just some people who are willing to pick up the yoke. A yoke, that’s what it is. It’s a duty, a job. Mailing a check is nice, but it has to be more personal. time at a soup kitchen, donating toys, blood or turkeys during the annual drives. If you do, tell them who you are, not loudly, but tell them. The anonymous donor is the greatest egoist.

Phil Everly died on January 3rd 2014. He was 74. He was part of rock and roll in my youth and influenced Paul McCartney and many, many others.

ASL ASL is not the best way to communicate while driving a car. There’s a lot of hand gesturing and it gives the implication that a fight might break out. I followed a car where the driver and passenger were signing. At first, I thought they were a step off of a fist fight. The passenger continued while the driver operated the car. All of the sudden, the driver cut loose with a tirade, I assume. I really wanted to follow waiting for the accident but I’m not that curious.

News The noon news on New Year’s Day that isn’t interrupted by the Rose Parade is proof that New Year’s Eve is amateur night We had two shootings, two fires, triple figure DUI arrests not to mention all of the domestic calls. I’ve given up celebrating the so-called holiday after waking up next to a lady I really didn’t remember a lot about except that we’d had a few drinks in a semi-dive bar I frequented. The relationship was short-lived. I learned a lesson.

Obamacare I know it’s a buzzword and I had to use it in case anyone out there was nodding off. This week Sonia Sotomayor stepped in and dictated that businesses didn’t have to pay for birth control or abortions if it offended their religious beliefs. The suit was brought by The Little Sisters of the Poor. Who needs birth control or abortions than nuns? Or maybe their employees are being dragooned into draconian beliefs that the majority of Catholics don’t follow. Anyway, Sonia, what about separation of Church and State?

They Spoiled the Rose Bowl Rodger Sherman of SB Nation Lookit wrote a column on how the Stanford Marching Band ruined the Rose Bowl by celebrating “cheese”. He went as far as posting tweets by irate people excoriating the band for their performance. A word: Lighten the hell up. Obviously the writer or the posters have never seen Princeton or CalPoly half time shows. It seems the institutions of learning when given the opportunity to celebrate they operate in the medium of satire. They’re smart, snarky and want you to know it. If you don’t get the joke, screw ya. Anyway, the Rose Bowl and associated Parade are overrated. They’re college football and the only people who have an interest are those in office pools of those who bet on the games the proper way, with a neighborhood bookie.

Chicken soup calls, but I have to wait.

See you in the funnies.