People who arrive here see things that we either fear or tolerate and see beauty in them.


Corner Sharif

Walking together NYPD

Santa Peppermint Stick

Road crossing in snowHands in gloves
A big thank you to the lovely Leo & Rob above for the hand warmers!

Banana Republic, Mannequins in snowCorner Spring and BoweryDown the BowerySnow covered BoweryUpside DownTake-OutSnow on HoustonSantas on ChristieSkip SantaMan with Stick
A bitterly cold day took hold of the city yesterday but that didn't stop the Santa crowd from 
celebrating the annual SantaCon2013.  Love it or loathe it, it was hard to avoid.

Snow fell for most of the day and the night, not a night to be left out in the cold . . .

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