Got a bunch of packages this week, mostly books I’ve ordered, some prescriptions and my new best friend. I got a Kindle Fire. I’ve got a Nook but it only has books on it and I’m not too sure how to load it at home. The Kindle was on sale and shiny and new so I ordered it. Within three hours I’d downloaded six books, subscribed to five magazines, downloaded some games and ordered a bunch of movies. Therein lies the problem, I’m becoming oversaturated with media. It used to be CDs at night and books and TV during the day. Then came MP3 players and the possibility of listening to music all night long. I had audio books but I fell asleep twenty minutes into a seventy three minute disk. Books wound up on the floor or tangled up in the covers. The Nook solved the problem, somewhat. I still fell asleep and dropped it on the floor or it got tangled in the covers. I forgot to charge it (I’ve fixed that with a surge protected extension cord with USB ports in it). I took it everywhere I was going to have to wait. Another problem arose, sometimes what I was reading cranked up questions in my head. I hated getting up and booting up the laptop, writing down the question usually looked like gibberish in the morning or I didn’t give a crap by then and was pissed for losing sleep over it. I found a tablet on eBay. It was cheap and worked for a while. The go-to guy couldn’t fix it. I bought another one. A new problem. I have an addictive personality. I love playing solitaire on the computer when I have time. The tablet moved it to bed. In bed at twelve and asleep at three after playing various games. Now this new friend, he’s in the bedroom, sitting on top of the portable DVD player, waiting. There’s ear buds there in case I watch a movie. I’m going to lose sleep no matter what. Add in two book clubs and four magazines (two cooking, two writing) and American Horror Story Seasons 1&2, Crime Story, the complete series, Miss Fisher’s Mysteries and my new fave, The Avengers Emma Peel mega set. I know it’s my fault, but I don’t care.

My car died this week, at least the battery did. I got a jump start from the building manager. I drove to the dealership. I hate dealing with service counter people. They either think you’re stupid and try to sell you what you don’t want or they assume you’re fluent in whatever you’ve come to have fixed. This time the guy was abused by yours truly. I made an asshat out of myself. I wanted a battery, but I wanted them to test the one That was in the car first. It was going to take an hour because they had to get the battery up full charge. I semi-snapped. I remember when there was a doohickey that you sampled the battery acid with and got results. Apparently that’s not how they do it now. I asked how long for a battery change, another hour. I’d have to wait two hours, no glasses, no Nook just watching soaps on TV. My idea of Hell. I settle on a new battery. The service greeter was nice and I was moderately calm when I left for a session of afternoon grocery shopping. A lesson learned. Minutes are important, use them wisely. Don’t waste them spinning your wheels when a simple decision will do.

When the Kindle came, a book came with it. It was Stitches by Anne Lamott. She is, hands down, my favorite writer. I have no idea how or where I first came across her writings but it was a good day. She was a magazine writer, with problems, writing fiction. It was addictive. It wasn’t arty or pretentious just good plain writing. At a point she began to write about faith. Her assent to faith. Now, a week or so ago I talked about my Humanist tendencies. Anne gives me faith in humanity. Although our faith in a deity differ, I love what she has to say. She doesn’t preach to you, just tells you how she sees it. I want you to find this book and read it. I warn you, she’s addictive. you’ll be looking for her other books. As a side note, I’ve downloaded Operating Instructions a book she wrote about her son Sam’s first year. Now Sam’s a father and teamed with his mom for their own book. Trust me. Read it. If a semi-agnostic like me likes her, you will.

After the Saturday vegetable run to Stop and Shop I went to the Verizon store. They couldn’t access my e-mail account (I let them) to get a notification the company sent me. I saw the phone but had to go home and print out the message. It’s the time I need, a cooling off period. I know how stupid I can get when new shiny things are dangled in front of me.

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