I’ve been on my diet for two weeks. I’ve lost six pounds. The food leaves a lot to be desired, but if it was really tasty and had all the qualities we attach to comfort and “illicit” foods it wouldn’t be a diet, would it? I’m allowed vegetables which is nice because I like vegetables, the bad news is most of the are cruciform vegetables, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts etc. They produce gas and OTC products are complicated, swallow or chew two capsules before meals or wait until chemical warfare has begun and take one hoping that you don’t have to be in an elevator, crowded supermarket or any place you have to wait. The other problem is having to drink eight glasses of water a day. For someone who drinks maybe two glasses tops a day it’s a “cleansing” experience. For the first two days I didn’t stray from the bathroom but now things have calmed down. I’ve set up my second order, it showed up yesterday and is waiting to be unpacked, I’ve got about a week left on the first delivery. I continue, today I include exercise, slowly at first working my way up. When I’ve dropped off at least forty pounds I’m going to try to wangle a core training class at a local gym. I’m learning to love lean meats, 90% hamburger and poached chicken. I’ve had boneless, skinless chicken in the freezer and they’re moving out. This means another trip to the market when chicken goes on sale and I’ll break them down and cook them, portion them and freeze them. I’m checking sauces that are made with eligible foods.

Frebreeze has a spray that you can put on stanky clothes or other items to remove the odors. Here’s a hint; If your cloths stink you a) have a procrastination problem or b) olfactory problems. If your cloths or towels stink don’t spray them. Wash the f****rs.

Guy Fieri, what’s with the tattoos? He has the annoying habit of retelling information. It’s Sunday and I’m watching him on the Food Network. He’s cooking faro, an obscure grain. He’s told me twice that his sister Morgan turned him on to it and that it’s one of the oldest grains on earth. A lot of the TV chefs like to impress us with what they know about food. Just cook it. Julia told us what we needed to know and then showed us how to make it.

Last week was a great one DVD-wise; I got American Horror Story 2 and the Emma Peel Avengers megaset. Imagine a young man’s favorite fantasy, 52 episodes of Emma Peel kicking butt and saving the Empire. Along with John Steed in bowler and broollie.

Enough about the diet, there’s a major problem, chili-cheese dog withdrawal. I pass the Dawg House at least twice a week and the car turns into the parking lot. It’s a battle.

Had a “before” picture for this post but I haven’t figured out how to download the pictures to my computer and onto the blog.

Anther cooking show, Southern At Heart. Some new network star a blond from Kentucky. Her first purchase for caramel apples, designer sorghum. Hand picked from Eastern Kentucky, who cares?

See you in the funnies.