I brought the Toshiba back from the go-to guy. Everything worked. Until this morning. I loaded a CD into the drive and got a message that it couldn’t run it. I tried another. This time I heard the disc going in scraping against something. It was the other disc. I called the go-to guy and he’s going to get it on Monday. I knew something was wrong when the instructions said “Get a screwdriver” That’s where I bail. Anyway I spent time on the phone with Toshiba tech support. The found out my ISP installed Norton badly and It was interfering with operations. The put in another security system until I call Xfinity and have them straighten it out. I’m pissed because Toshiba is waffling about replacing it. Maybe it’s my karma.

I’m going on a diet. I signed up for Nutrisystem. I did it before and lost 8o some pounds. Unfortunately I gained a lot of it back. It’ll cut the grocery bill and reduce my trips to the supermarket to picking up seltzer, and diet iced tea. I need a regimented system because I have a weasel part of my brain that figures out how to get out of anything. Wish me luck.

I’m about ready to surrender. I’ve avoided owning a cell phone for a long time, like since they came out. I hate people who talk loudly on their cells. It doesn’t make them ant more important. What f****ng reason do you have to call someone from a supermarket. You’ve got a list, a cart and money. What’s the problem? Use initiative. I haven’t figured out what kind, but there won’t be a lot of bells and whistles. And great instructions.

Wednesday October 2, 2013 will be the roll-out date for a new on-line effort on my part. The blog The Story That Grew is going under some changes. Since its first incarnation attracted no attention and I’m a masochist I’ve got another idea. I’m going to give you a recipe that will be reasonably healthy, family friendly and give you the opportunity to sneak veggies in on the kids. The site is http://jesterkingblog.wordpress.com/about/ . My qualifications, my grandmother, mother, and aunts taught me to cook. They weren’t that great but they fed their families. Me, I worked in restaurants from chef to line cook. I did everything and learned shortcuts. I’ll give you a run down of what you’ll need food and equipment wise. Remember the site is http://jesterkingblog.wordpress.com/about/ Visit, offer suggestions and comments. I’ll answer, I’m lonely.

Odd bits: My present crush, Katherine Hepburn. I’ve seen pictures of her from her youth to her older years. She was a woman who lived her life on her own terms and didn’t give a crap about what people thought. She retired when she still had roles available. And most of all she was a handsome woman. She’s becoming part of a story.

I gave money to the twinkies who were running a bake sale out front of the grocery store. I handed them the money, didn’t take a cookie and walked off. A cute one thanked me profusely, I had a story about all of the girls like her that turned me down in junior and senior high school. I write. I could get revenge on them in stories but instead I give them money for their bake sales. It takes them out of the way of the monster that I might have lurking in a story.

See you in the funnies.