Hi. I’m back. It’s 6:30 Sunday and like I promised I’ve read the NYT to get birthdays and read e-mails and finished the afternoon crosswords. Today these people have birthdays;
Tommy Lasorda of the hated LA Dodgers turns 86
Shari Belafonte on whom I had a crush turns 59
Debby Boone who shills facelifts turns 57
Joan Jett who I’ll always have a crush on turns 55
Scott Baio, whatever happened to him turns 53
People who aren’t here anymore;
John Houseman, director, actor, and early member of Orson Welles troupe
Paul Muni, actor in one of the earliest gangster films Scarface

Nathan Hale, the worst spy we’ve ever had was hanged today in 1776. The CIA has a statue out front and I think there’s one in Hartford CT. His house and where he taught is a local land mark.

I went to sleep about 1am today. I didn’t fall asleep until 6am. I thought a lot. I began to realize some things:
1) I’m single and bound to stay that way.
2) In re above: I miss female company, badly.
3) I’m good at something, writing, but I don’t have the nerve to take the first step.
4) All the people around me are looking out for me, Terry, the manager at Stop & Shop handed me $35 that I dropped
5) People I don’t know smile at me. I don’t know why, it’s something inside me they see.
6) I know I believe my birth mother abandoned me, I don’t know the whole story
7) The above being said I can tell the story as I think it happened.
8) My reality is a pale shadow of my imagination. I have to use it.
9) Just because I have crushes on younger women doesn’t mean I’d want one for a companion. As a matter of fact, I’d like to meet a reasonably sober woman over 50, with a sense of humor, is well read, is willing to devote some time to keeping me in line health and morals-wise and we can work our way through love and romance.
10) I am going to work at what I do and not take rejection personally.

To all who wished me a Happy Birthday, Thanks. Everyone else, I understand.

See you in the funnies.