Today sucked. Got up late and had to wait three hours before I could shower because the Murph got up early for the first time in I don’t know how long and did his shower thing. I had to wait for the water heater to catch up. Had Eggos waffles for breakfast. The toaster behaved as it usually does and nearly charred half of the waffle and the other half was a tad raw. By the time the sausages got out of the microwave the waffles were ice freakin’ cold. They spent time in the microwave. It would have been better to Frisbee them into the empty lot next door and let it turn into compost. I passed on lunch because laundry called. The sofa cover and towels needed to be washed. Yippee!!! The sofa cover spent an inordinate time in the washer. For some reason an item that can completely surround the agitator should be able to stay that way and not get into a bunch. My washer can’t do that. I stood in front of the sucker setting it on spin until it was wrung out enough to be dried in less than eight hours. The sofa covers took two hours to dry (it had to be those pesky fabric softener sheets I threw in). The towels were pretty much the same story. They took close to two and a half hours to dry. Oh, yeah, the Murph told me I can’t plug the crock pot and toaster into the same socket or it’ll blow a fuse. It doesn’t an he believes what his parents told him.

Hotness on TV. One thing I saw on TV were kinda hot in a nice way. The first was from Trojan. Not for what you think, it’s for lubricant and the visual is kinda mild. It’s a couple making out. They’re horizontal but you don’t see much. It’s the background music a woman doing a slow version of All Shook Up. I had another but had a senior moment.

Got to call Microsoft tomorrow morning. I can’t move docs from Word and SkyCloud any where. I called my ISP and he figured it out. I didn’t write it down so I have to have the company fix it and fix my documents library because it won’t work. So much for believing that buying a computer direct from the company and avoiding the big box store.

The other site is in progress. I’ve got to get a story started and deal with WordPress. And I’ve got to write a 1500 word story for a contest because I submitted it to a writer’s service. They said they’ll red it and find out if they can market it. One thing, they didn’t ask for money.

Some music:

See you in the funnies.