I was up this morning watching BBC America to find out who the new Doctor was going to be. Somewhere in the deep recesses of my heart I hoped for a female Doctor. I forgot about BBC programming. Don’t mess with a formula that works. Anyway Dame Diana Rigg is a bit too old for a young audience but not for old Avengers fans. Yes, there was a Mrs. Peel before Uma Thurman and just as hot. The new Doctor is, drum roll please, Peter Capaldi. I never heard of him so I Googled him. I’ve seen him in movies. most recently a DVD viewing of Bean with Rowland Atkinson. I have to admit, I’m not a die-hard, dress in costume, go to Comicon viewer. The only reason I ever saw the Doctor was my sister’s first husband was a fan, and I, at the time was a smoker of herbal (wink, wink) cigarettes and they enhanced the show. There’s two shows coming up, one in November when a critical part of the Doctor’s term and one on December 25th when Matt Smith, the present Doctor retires or what ever they do.

I got an e-mail from Writer’s Digest. It seems I didn’t win the 82nd Short Story Contest. I didn’t need that. I tried to send in the best story I could. They didn’t think it was good enough. Screw them. I wanted to take all three of my laptops to South Windsor and sell them to the go-to computer guy. I looked around the room, I was the only one there. Murph and I had been in the apartment for three days and I hadn’t spoken to him in that time. The computer was the only outlet I had to the world. I don’t answer the phone because it’s never for me, it’s usually one of Murph’s lady friends and I hate telemarketers. I’ll wait until I find out if I got another Honorable Mention and they have a Short, Short Story contest. I’ve got a story written and ready to enter. Besides there’s a story that I’ve been prepping to mail to a magazine in North Carolina. And Writer’s Digest has a contest for a 4,000 word crime short story. Hell, I can do that. Maybe twice.

Today, in 1892, Andrew Borden and his second wife Abby were murdered by an unknown axe murderer. His daughter Lizzie was accused, brought to trial and was acquitted. It happened in Fall River MA. Massachusetts is a hot bed for crime. The judges at the Salem witch trials sent many people to there final rewards, all of which were innocent and accused by jealous neighbors. Boston had the Brink’s robbery which is only partially solved in that they got the thieves but almost none of the money. Albert DiSalvo was accused of being the Boston Strangler. The authorities just proved it this year. Albert has been dead awhile. Right now the attention is on the trial of Whitey Bulger, mob leader/FBI informant. The main witness against him is his main assistant/ FBI informant. Holy crap the FBI has more people inside the Boston mob than the underworld. Here’s an idea, have the FBI or ATF infiltrate the various mobs, set up big-time crimes and pass the proceeds along to the government. They do it now but with my way, a lot of paperwork is eliminated. Connecticut crime coming up.

Birthdays: Barack Obama, 64, a guy who got a job he wanted but now wishes the job genie told him the whole truth; Roger Clemens, 64, a guy who had a great job, people loved him and he was cheered almost everywhere he went. Except for being considered a traitor by Boston fans he would have retired and lived on his laurels until they found out he used performance enhancing drugs and doesn’t have the cojones to fess up ; Richard Belzer, the man in black whose neurotic rants got him a gig on Lawnorder SVU. Also, Louis Armstrong who most of white America knows as the black guy who sang Hello Dolly. He was a pioneer in jazz and dealt with a ton of crap on the way up. Break out the old phonograph and listen to those old 78’s.

I’ve got a domain I can use. Here’s the idea. I open another web site and start writing a story. Maybe midweek. 500 or more words the plot and characters slide and mutate as the story progresses. It’ll be open to suggestions. Right now, if you follow tell me if you think this is a doable thing post it in the comments section. I listen.

See you in the funnies.