It’s Sunday again and I planned an early breakfast and post. It’s 2:56 EST, so much for early. I did get up and make breakfast, pancakes from scratch and sausage with tea. Then things kind of went sideways. I usually watch the local news and get into the day. Sunday is mostly reserved for doing those chores that aren’t necessary but have to be done, eventually, like steaming the accumulated crud from in front of the sofa. I got the edges but am no heading into the real deep stuff. There’s a good chance I’ll be doing it tonight. The truth is, I crashed on the couch and was not motivated enough to roust my lazy a$$ up to do it. The problem is my conscience is bothering me. As I don’t have a wife or girlfriend it has taken over the job of moving me into stuff I really don’t want to do. It’s a persistent little bugger. Where was it when I was younger and got into all manner of trouble?

I got a call on Tuesday, actually the machine got the call. All I heard was computer, keyboard, done. I searched for the card with the shop’s phone number on it. Couldn’t find it. I wanted to know how much it was going to cost me. I discovered something else, I’d lost my glasses. I called the V.A. and they were nice enough to get me an appointment for Thursday. Wednesday I drove to the shop and picked up the Toshiba. The tech and I talked about the foolishness of going to Target and buying a computer, cursed Windows 8 and discussed removing my DOJ virus. He offered to remove what I wanted 1,000 word outline for a story and some older stuff that could be improved on, cleaning the system and reinstalling Windows 7. The whole thing cost me $29. I paid for the keyboard. I left with a song in my heart and a vague idea of how I got there. I got to the main route. That’s where the problem cropped up. The way back has a part that is counterintuitive. You want to go left to a familiar place, but to arrive where you have to take the road less traveled. I went the wrong way. I was on highways in Connecticut I didn’t know existed. I was cruising headed for my assumed destination when two separate but equal theories were brewing in my head. One was kind of ingrained; Massachusetts drivers are the worst in the country. This was formed from riding with my father to Boston and listening to him curse out Mass drivers and my trips to Fenway Park. The reason was, they were repressed and driving seventy in a fifty-five zone made them feel free. The other theory was New York drivers are a$$holes. this is due to a sense of entitlement from living in New York. Driving through Connecticut is just an inconvenience. In their minds if the world were just everything from Canada to the Atlantic coast would be New York and Boston would be a slave enclave. This was reinforced by the fact some a$$hat in a Jeep cut me off, flipped me off and made my search for I-84 difficult. He played Road Warrior until I got to a section that I knew led me home. We both headed for I-84, the thing was, I knew what came next. After the exit onto the interstate there’s a steep hill. I’ve gone down it many nights when I had classes in Manchester. If you hit it at sixty five and take your foot off the gas, Newton takes over and you’re doing eighty five when you hit the bottom. The New Yorker apparently didn’t know this because he hit the hill at sixty five and was waaay over the speed limit when he got to the bottom. I prayed for a State Trooper, no luck. It took him a good while to get under control because the big rigs on the road have no sense of humor when it comes to one of us small bugs who share the road with them have delusions of grandeur. He headed for the route to NYC and as a final FU to me tried to run into me or something. I was headed for the right lane and got a great view of him nearly rolling over.

On Thursday had an appointment with the eye doctor. I figured on a check for prescription and gone. I got a comprehensive exam as I was due in three months. While I waited I noticed the rather large group of attractive young women who did the exams. I hoped. No such luck. My examiner was efficient and asked questions. My problem that I’d recently noticed was that frequently I had to consciously focus my eyes and I wanted two pair of glasses one for reading and one for everything else. The exam went well, almost. I’m developing cataracts. I asked if proactive action could be taken. Hell, an eye patch looks rakish. No, they develop slowly and time will tell. I picked out frames that weren’t too hipster or too senior. The cataracts required UV protection. I looked at the budget and bought a pair of RayBan Wayfarers. I look cool.

Two obits: J.S. Bach, 1750 and J.J. Cale Bach today Cale Friday. A birthday and an obit that never were together, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Earl Tupper. Jackie O probably never used Tupperware and Earl Tupper was never invited to one of her parties.

An idea: Technology is static. It doesn’t move. It just waits for us to reach it. Sometimes I wish it had the sense to move a bit more forward. This is brought on by Windows 8. It seems somebody, a technigeer, someone with one foot in both disciplines came up with the idea. He passed it off to an engineer who drew it up and passed it off to a techie who said “It can be done!!”. Well they did it. And passed it off to us. The other thing is the spate of airplanes falling out of the sky and catching fire. Again technigeers. A long time ago R&D was mainly a one man job. Some guy came up with an idea and tinkered with it until it worked. When it worked, he sold it. Today we have compartmentalized things so much that when an idea is brought to fruition, it’s been handled so many people with a CYA attitude that the consumer is screwed. And they have to deal with the courts for recourse, good luck.

Dehydrated buttermilk is a must for every kitchen. I keep it with plain yogurt for doing fried chicken. But the dried buttermilk is super for making your own custom pancake or waffle mix. You can mix the dry ingredients and keep them in a mason jar for Sunday morning breakfasts or whatever. Just remember to mix it with liquids the night before to allow it to hydrate.

See you in the funnies.