After I posted last Sunday, I took some time to do laundry. When I got back on-line at eight pm the keyboard wouldn’t work. I called Toshiba and they told me to call during business hours Mon thru Fri. On Monday I called and they couldn’t help me, but the gave me a company number to call to help me. I got a nice lady who recommended that I could send it back to the company since that’s who sold it to me. That idea sucked. I asked for a local shop that could do repairs. They recommended a shop in South Windsor. I got an address and a phone number. I called and got directions. On Tuesday morning I drove out and got lost. I need a wife or a woman to help me with directions. The instructions I got from the shop had the streets confused. The gut on the rider lawnmower was the closest. He was off by one traffic light. I dropped it off and went home with the promise I’d have it back by Friday. On Friday I called to see if it was ready, good news, he couldn’t order the keyboard. I asked him when he discovered this. “A few days ago” was the answer. And he was going to tell me this information when? Back to Toshiba with serial number in hand. I got the department that sells parts. I paid for the new keyboard and had it shipped to the shop. The lesson here? Screw the warranty if you’ve got a shop that does the work well, even if you might cost na bit more.

On the subject of dying. I had the washing machine’s spin cycle adjusted on Wednesday. The guy showed early and got the job done in three minutes, no charge, under warranty. Saturday I had to do laundry. The improved spin cycle would decrease drying time and I could get all of the clothes done the same day. The laundry proper went in two loads and went through the dryer. I had a towel that covered a pillow on the couch. I put it there to dry my hair after my morning shower. I tossed it in with extra bleach tablets (excellent invention) and let it rip. I got as far as the spin cycle. The washer walked out of its nook and tried to reach the kitchen table. I rearranged the towel and held onto the washer until the final cycle. Then it happened, fill, agitate, drain, almost spin. I rearranged the towel a whole bunch of times until the washer just freakin’ quit. Nothing worked. Resetting the timer, looking for a reset button, listening to The Murph, nada. I wrang (is that a word? It is now) the towel out in the kitchen sink and tossed it in the dryer with a sacrificial towel to absorb moisture. It took two hundred sixty minutes to dry the sucker. The landlord is getting a call definitely tomorrow to get one of his minions to put up the clothesline. By the way, about an hour after I’d replaced all the stuff on top of the washer it started up on its own and spun like a top.

The bicycle seat cover hunt has led me to the company. I sent them an e-mail enquiring if they made seat covers or knew who made one that fit.

During the trip to the supermarket on Saturday, I had the occasion to chat with a meat cutter in the store. I’ve talked about the “used meat department” which is found in most supermarkets if you look for it. It has meat that is real close to expiration date or past it. I asked the meat cutter to ease up on the seasoning thy put on the “used meat”. I got double talk in response. When I was a kid my parents and my grandmother had refrigerators that were inefficient and nothing more than thin-walled boxes with cooling coils. Meat didn’t stay “fresh”, it aged. Moisture wicked out and the intensity of the flavor of the meat grew. A lot of seasoning weren’t needed, the meat held its own. Basic old- fashioned cooking used root vegetables and wine augmented by salt and pepper. It was a cabal of French chefs and their followers conspired to add wine, beer and herbs that were pretty much ignored by everyone except for herbal healers who weren’t thought a step above witches. Okay, here’s what I’m saying; Let’s get back to eating meals that taste like the ingredients. Stop disguising your food.

No music this week, I don’t have it in favorites and it’s too complicated.

See you in the funnies.