My SONY Cybershot camera died last weekend. I planned to take it out but I couldn’t get the sucker to work. I read the book, nothing. Changed the batteries, nothing. I went on-line to Amazon and started looking for what I wanted, note I didn’t say needed. I found a Canon SX150 IS for about $100. I got confirmation and with shipping it came to $123. Amazon sent notification and I began tracking the package. This has become a habit since a while back packages were disappearing from our front lobby. As a rule, if I’ve got a package coming and The Murph isn’t there to pick it up, I get a nice pink notice to visit the Post Office and pick it up. He was there and I got it along with a growing number of junk mailings. I held to my best behavior and refrained from tearing the package open like a sugar crazed four-year-old at a birthday party. It also drove The Murph a little nuts. I opened the package after I got off-line. It isn’t a professional-looking SLR type. It’s a point and shoot. I went through the SLR phase a long time ago and I found out if you’re remotely good any camera will give you excellent results. I like the point and shoot type because I can put in a pocket and carry it around. I’m not one for people pictures, I like non-human subjects. They don’t try to hide or pose and they usually are more interesting. I’ve got some time this coming week and I’m going to take it out and figure it out. I know, I got a manual with it and a CD. The CD doesn’t work on Windows 8. I have Windows 7 on my back-up computer but I’m too lazy to dig it out and hook it up. Anyway I learn better intuitively. Will post results.

Last week I said I had a crush on a twelve-year-old girl in a cartoon. I forgot to add I had a crush on her mother. Combined into one person they would be perfect. Rebellious, smart, attractive and most of all close to those around them. But that might be gone. TV has sucked today so I’m watching Create a channel out of Boston PBS. They’re running a Martha Stewart marathon. I think I’m in love. I know I’ve said that before but this might be the real thing. She’s attractive, mature not to mention richer than God, but I don’t want her money. She’s flawed. She’s made sketchy judgment calls in her life. We have one thing in common, we like to cook, though I tend to wander off recipes and “improve” them. She lives in Connecticut so I can commute. Clingy romances tend to be restricting and I screw them up. Now how to get in touch. Fan letter? Old fashioned. E-mail? Too electronic. Visiting? Stalking laws are strict and no matter how sincere you are when you go on trial you come off looking like a nut-job. Maybe unrequited love, it’s worked so far. And I don’t feel nuts.

My exercise bike has become part of my morning ritual. Blood work, meds, breakfast, bike, shower and I’m done. I have a problem though, the seat is mass produced and therefore not designed to conform to everyone, And you can’t check it out if you buy it on-line. The seat is hard, I mean rock hard. My butt hurts and I have to readjust my seating. The other problem is, ahem, the boys. They are uncomfortable and so far all I’ve found to remedy the seat problem doesn’t look all that great. I’ve got a few more stores to check out. What I want is one of those non-chafing sheepskin covers. If I get one large enough I could add some padding. I’ve figured out the attachment zip ties and super glue.

One thing, the aforementioned girl and her mother can be found in 9 Chickweed Lane by Brooke McEldowney. He also does another excellent strip called Pigorn. It’s about a faerie and a succubus who are friends, sorta. Look them up on-line.

The reason I like cats:

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