On June 25 two American icons died. In their lives they were admired by thousands if not millions. They were at the peak of popularity. Their later years were marked by what some would call ethical and personal defects. The first happened in 1876, in Montana. George Armstrong Custer went into the Little Big Horn and got to know about 2000 Native Aericans up close and personal. He ws a Civil War hero whose hubris made him a tool in a major land grab. He ticked off U.S. Grant, the president who had him assigned to Montana where he was told to keep the white settlers (wink,wink) out of the Black Hills, sacred land to the natives. George provoked them and they wiped his ass out.

In 2009, another American Idol bit it. We watched him grow up. From a precosious child star to a teen idol to a troubled adult. He made no attempt at a normal life, he couldn’t. He surrounded himself with a phalanx of protectors who lied to him and tried to cover up his indiscresions. With all the fame came insomnia. Drugs followed. Then people with sketchy ethics took over. The overdose followed. I feel really badly for his children. They has a small hope of normalcy in their lives, concidering the majority of the family was in some way dependant on Michael and the spotlight still shines bright.

The title come from an old Who song. You can see it performed on The Rolling Stones Circus.

See you in the funnies.

PS I’ve been waiting a year to write this post.