Hi, I’m back. A few things happened since I was last here. I went to a Diabetes Reduction seminar. I learned a lot. A.d got the crap scared out of me. I walked away with the knowledge that I had to change my diet and exercise. What I was eating wasn’t cutting it. I’ve increased salads and cut down on meat. As far as execise, it still sucks. Walking put the hurt on my lower back. Searches only brought out that the problem was two-fold, when I lost weight the pain would go away (hopefully) and the main way to lose weight was exercise. I went on-line to solve the problem. A week and a half and a crap load of e-mails later two of the elves that the apartment managers leave at our building to take out the trash, not take out the recycling bins and not put up my clothes line haule a carton up the two flights of stairs. It was four feet long, three feet high and maybe a foot and a half across. They were sweating, I slipped them two of the Murph’s beers and thanked them. I hauled it into the front room and stared at it. I knew what it was, my new exercise bike. I’ve had one in the past and got up to three miles in the morning to get the energy up to go to work. After crashing with my girlfriend it turned into a clothes rack and later disappeared in a yard sale. The carton sat in the front room for a couple days. The Murph questioned me about it. Finally I cut the straps and opened the sucker up. It was in pieces. I know, what was I supposed to expect they would send it fullt assembled? I read the manual (remember this) and sorted out the various parts. It came with two simple tools, an allen wrench and a multi open ended wrench cross-point screwdriver. It took three days to put it together. It’s heavy, a tad unweildy and the pictures were too small. I finally got it together and went for my first ride. The handlebars were way too close to my stomach. I checked the manual, I installed them backwards. I started, five minutes up to seven, up to ten. I’m not going to kill myself trying to be Lance Armstong. I’m getting there a bit more time every day. I killed an hour shopping around for a timer. The bike has a digital one but I wanted an analog timer that went DING ereally loud so I could hear it over the book I’m listening to. There’s one odd thing though, after exercise, as short as it is now, my blood sugar drops.

Debit cards and loading MP3 players. If you decide to go the easy way to load an MP3 and buy your music off Amazon, check with your bank on how many purchases you can make daily. Mine’s twenty. Because if you buy a hundred songs the bank is goona notice and your card will be null and void until it catches up. It took mine three days. Oh yeah, loading is boring.

Men have a hidden gene. Actually two pair. One looks at a problem, tosses it around and figures a solution. Then the second pair take over. Their problem is one fixes the other screws up. That’s why guys go into projects full of promise and at some point in the midddle of it realize that it’s going into the crapper. It’s the seconnd gene. The screw-up part took over. He’s not inept, it’s gemetics. I know this because I can analyze a problem but can’t fix most of them to save my life. The exercise bike was a fluke.

Ed Snowden, he’s been in the news a lot lately. He was in Hong Kong and this morning turned up in Moscow. He has the potential of becoming another Oswald. He gets disillusioned, goes to the other side and discovrs that it’s not as good and maybe a lot worse. They let him come back and his life here still sucks. IT’s not the system, he’s a loser. Being a loser he tries to make a name for himself and does something really rash. Not killing anyone, he hasn’t the huevos for that but something along the line of more disclosures. The people that hired a highschool dropout for a high security job should be punished.

In re: Snowden worked for a company that was part of TRW. TRW is a perfect example of the business juggernaut turned loose. They’re into everything. They used to be a medium sized company buying up bearing makers in Connecticut. National security is the government’s business, the shouldn’t outsource it to anyone else, let alone multinational companies. It’s too late, the fox has left the henhouse with some fine poultry and all we’ve got left is egg, on our face.

The writing is moving along. I’ve submitted a story to OneStory magazine. If they buy it I’ll post their web site and you could read the story and hopefully subscribe it’s worth it. They send you a short story every three weeks. I’ve got a 1,500 word pice that’s in it’s final stages and is being submitted to a Short Short Story contest. Other than that I’m working on a story that hasd appeared two other times in differnt shapes and forms. Now I’m trying to get it to proper length and tell the whole story.

How about some misic? I have a weaknes for Irish girl groups. I found them loading the MP3.
Led Zep how can you go wrong?

Just a trip back’

See you in the funnies.