I stopped blogging because it cut into writing time. I finished the story. I did some cutting and voila there it was. I reread the submission requirements. It wasn’t 6,000 words it was 8,000. I went back to the story and spent a lot of time replacing things I’d removed and fleshing out the story. After a reread or three it looked real good. I sent it in. I found a contest for 1500 word stories. I bounced ideas around and actually got some plotted. Most were too long to put together and be presentable. I started the story yesterday and it is flowing. I’m making plot changes as I go along. I hope to finish it today and start rewrites.

And now some serious shit: I attended a seminar for Diabetes Reduction on Monday and Tuesday. I was enlightened, reeducated and scared. I guess that’s what they were to supposed to do. I was easing into the VB6 diet. Right now I’m still eating meat protein but have added salads and vegetables to my meals. I’m not too sure how far into it I’ll get. Meat has always been a favorite and I can live with adding turkey and/or chicken to a lunch salad. Breakfast is going back to fruit and yogurt with some granola and I’m giving up my English muffin, scrambled eggs with cheese and ham. Pancakes and sausage for weekend breakfast is staying. Dinner is moving to more salad, vegetables and a lot less meat. I’m looking at red meat once a week, pork once a week and the rest of the week divided between various styles of grilled chicken and turkey. I’m going to miss chilidogs, pastrami and all of those thing that tasted sooo good and were soooo baaad for me. As for the second prong in the weight loss program, exercise. My weight has gone north of 250 and walking too long really hurts my back. I solved that by ordering an exercise bike that will occupy the space in the front room that was once occupied by 850 pounds of used books. I’ve got a fan to simulate a breeze that I would feel if I were insane enough ride on the streets. I know, I drive on them.

By the way, if a story about a guy and his car asks if you’ve seen me, say no. I’m not supposed to be here.

See you in the funnies.