Hi, I’m Tom and I’m a writer. Unlike being an alcoholic or drug addict outside things can interfere with what you are. Blogging has interfered with my writing. I spend time trying to think up stuff to blog and as often as not wind up with pigeon poo. I’m a good writer, the difference between blogging and writing is that the blog comes off the top of my head and the writing comes from someplace else. And, I’ve read my last couple posts. They’re seriously unhealthy. This is a blog, not a confessional. And why should anyone want to know what I’m dealing with. It bores me. So after some thought (five minutes) I’ve decided to hang this sucker up. If I’ve got nothing to say, I say nothing. David Byrne was right. I’d rather post once a month and say something people will enjoy and hopefully take something away from than blather three times a week. Actually I’m also against a deadline, 4/29, and it’s pressing. The story is not a problem because I used it in a class I was taking and it got edited pretty well. The matter was trimming it down to 6,000 words.That’s what I’m doing now. I’ve hit close to 4,00o words and the ending is primo. So, thanks to everybody who hung in and read my ramblings. I’ll try to keep up with your blogs. But now I have to really become a writer, not a part-time blogger/part-time writer.

Some going away music:

The last piece is for me, see you in the funny papers.