I woke up at seven this morning and showered and made breakfast. Big deal, right. It’s what happened after that bothers me. I settled in to watch the morning news. The next thing it was two in the afternoon and somehow I got stretched out on the couch. I was disappointed to say the least. I figured at least to get this post done by eight and get the WIP moving along. None of this happened. I’m sitting here watching Top Gear and looking for a reason to post. Actually there is one; last weekend, to recap.
Thursday, the post lady, whom I have a crush on was off and her replacement left a pink delivery notice in the mail box. This meant a trip downtown and probably a wait at the PO. I could put that off until Saturday. One thing bothered me, what was it? The package I mean. I don’t get too many packages through the mail usually it’s FedEx or UPS knocking on my door. It’ll wait.
Friday, post day and work on the WIP. Got past a part that I’d spent a bit too much time on in the original. (It was two 3,000 some word pieces. I needed 6,000). I was locked into the piece when I heard a knock. I was my mail goddess. She was laden with packages for me. I shied away from asking her if she had a husband, boyfriend, semi-permanent escort and would she mind going out with me. There was little hope for a positive answer because I was standing in the doorway in pajama pants, black T-shirt and LL Bean slippers, unshaven and tousled. In short I looked like a wino. She smiled, she always smiles and went back down the stairs. There were three boxes one rather large and the other two “normal” sized. I tossed them on the couch and finished the post. I got to the boxes. The big one was my new CD player. It was perfect except for one thing, no outlet for headsets. I noticed that quickly and thought about returning it. The other two were a headset, no s*** and a six foot extension for the headset. I hooked up the player and for the first night in a while listened to a CD without the stutter from my previous one. The last thing I did was make the grocery list. It’s always good to do it late at night because you remember all the important things like Brown Rice Triscuits, Pepperidge Farms cookies or used meat. (This is the meat the meat cutters have knocked a buck or two off because they’re approaching their expiration date and they’ll have to send them back to be made into hamburger) Though used meat has given me some fine steaks, the only thing is you’ve got to keep them cold and dry until you cook them, a week is good. I fell asleep at four in the morning.
Saturday, the post office was empty except for five morons who didn’t understand the concept of the postal system. The asked questions about sending packages overseas even though they didn’t have any. One charmer asked about “forever” stamps. Would he have to buy more if the rates went up? I was looking for Wanted Posters. I got out and made a stop at Radio Shack. All I wanted was a 1G MP3 player. The sales person told me I could get them in 4 and 8 G. I went to Target. After waiting for a sales rep I found out the don’t carry them anymore. I went to Best Buy they had MP3s only in 2, 4, and 8. I settled on a 2G. Grocery shopping moved along considering I was two hours later than usual. Decided to load a book I wanted to listen to at night onto my new player. Then it dawned on me, the player mixes the songs put into it to make a playlist. Not a good idea with a book as Chapter One can’t be followed by Chapter Five. On-line to player manufacturer and audiobook company. They don’t have 24/7 customer service, they’re in California, they need their weekends. I give up and watch TV until one in the morning. The upside is I heard a Madeleine Peyroux CD without the stutter.
Sunday, with some figuring I decide I can load eleven hours of audiobook on a 2G player. I find the company that is distributing the book. I can get it for $7 with a membership, sounds good. Get past download to Windows 8 and onto player. I’m psyched. I go to play it and the device says I need authorization. F***!!!!!! Another phone call to California. I’ve also begun to get offers for music downloads. By three in the afternoon I’m in the fetal position. I want my binky. Sunday TV sucks so I have a lot of time to work on my problem. No sweat, I’ll get up early on Monday, post, do the WIP and kill the afternoon tlking to people who probably won’t understand what my problem is.
Monday, I’m back. Got a package from some sketchy kind of deliveryman. It had MP3 players I’d ordered a while ago to replace the ones I bought from Radio Shack that the gut told me would eventually crap out. They did, all at once. Opened the box. Five little boxes, ands what’s this? Plug adapters? Oh crap. On to the phone or at least getting numbers. I could never figure the time differences between East and West coasts. Oh well

See you Wednesday.