Barrack Obama knew he hit the lottery in 2008. He had a hot wife, two cute kids and was PRESIDENT!!!! He spent the first term trying to get things done. He got a healthcare bill passed. Maybe it wasn’t all he wanted but he took it. Things got a bit sideways. The Republicans began to plan for 2012. They put up another sacrificial lamb up top and worked in the Congress. Meanwhile, the Democrats forgot the job assigned to them was to maintain control of Congress and make the Republicans unelectable in 2016. They failed. They got control of the Senate but couldn’t control the House. Barrack was screwed. Any ideas of gun control, even with another mass shooting failed, he was stymied at every turn. The Republicans grew a set and the Democrats lost theirs. And then this week. The Republicans are yelling Benghazi every time Barrack opens his mouth. They’re screaming cover-up. What does Barrack do? He kills a half hour of TV time explaining what happened. If, and this is a big if, the Democrats were in charge on 9/11 and the Republicans were in charge during Benghazi, it would sound like this. ” When the Democrats were in charge we were attacked by our enemies. They didn’t nuke them into the Stone Age. Now they’ve attacked again. We need to retaliate.” If the alleged Democrats had the cojones they’d back Obama and tell the Republicans to shut the f**k up. They weren’t all that up on intel prior to 9/11.

Now, the Department of Justice is caught subpoenaing AP phone records to locate a leak. It already happened dummies. If the AP was smart enough to get the leak out we should give them props. The DoJ is a weapon that Dick Nixon used against his enemies, along with JFK, LBJ, Ronnie, Poppy and W. It’s SOP. Standard Operating Procedure. You’ve got a weapon, use it. They expect it, the people that is. If you let your enemies real or imagined run roughshod over you, you’re perceived weak. That’s not good. If you persecute them, you’re a paranoid nutjob. You can’t win. Anyway investigating the AP will keep them out of the citizen’s bedroom. Freedom of the press is overrated. It’s lost it’s original weight. It was added to prevent one side from dominating the media. I don’t think it meant that every whackadoo has the right to his or her time on the airwaves. If the media is reined in a bit, they’ll spend more time looking for news, becoming heroes.

The IRS got in trouble for delaying tax-exempt status for groups whose title contained “Tea Party” or “Constitution” This wasn’t a Nixonian move, it was two or more IRS lifers operating on their own hook. Everybody is screaming. The Right because they hate the IRS, the Left because they have flash backs to the Seventies. Here’s the thing. The government is like a reverse gumball. It’s soft on the outside and hard as agate on the inside. The government lifers know this and realize that Obama and his successor will be come and gone and they will still be there. They do thing like this for shits and giggles. Usually it’s. done to a small time operator or low level irritant. This time they just happened to pick on the new leaders of the GOP. That’s not good. For the IRS or Obama. Even if there’s no proof that Obama even knew that Cincinnati existed the Republicans would blame him. The IRS could slowly be dismantled if the Republicans can run a string of Presidential wins. Or at least the part that taxes millionaires.

Angelina Jolie came out in the op-ed page of the New York Times and told the world she had a double mastectomy and reconstruction because she had a better than 80% of getting breast cancer. This got me. She is a spectacularly beautiful woman who is an advocate and world figure. She’s gotten a lot of attention. She didn’t look for it, as it’s been months since the procedures. She did so her children wouldn’t lose her. I know about that. My mother had a radical mastectomy in 1958 or so. She was subjected to chemotherapy that weakened her and kept her hospitalized. She had radiation therapy that caused the skin on her back to have the appearance of a permanent suntan with freckles. She spent five days a week in New England Deaconess Hospital and came home for the weekends. She spent a lot of time having visitors and sitting in a wicker chair she’d bought at an antique shop. She flew from Connecticut to Boston and the trips to the airport were a heartbreak for me. When she left she’d be gone, when she came back she was weaker. They finally sent her home in 1960. She died on Father’s Day of that year. I miss her, but time is making her a dimmer memory.

Finally, my world, as I know it, collapsed on Monday May 14 at 10 am. Savannah Guthrie announced that she was getting married. I’ve had a TV crush on her along with Kelly O’Donnell, Meredith Viera, Dr. Nancy Sneinderman, Katie Couric, and probably a hundred other women I’ve seen on television. Let me explain, a TV crush is an attachment you feel for a person on television. It’s a crush, like you had on that girl in fifth grade or high school, or work. The thing is you know that nothing is going to come of this. It’s just a warm spot in your heart that you hold for this person or persons. Another thing is there is no sexuality involved. So I can add Cat Cora, Anne Burrell, Suze Orman and Rachael Maddow to the list. This is an intellectual exercise. Someone to have dinner with and have great conversation. You get together and tell jokes, gossip and go your separate ways. But Savannah, I was willing to hang out in front of the Today Show window, no that would be creepy. I’ve got to think about this.

See you on Friday.