I used to listen to music on vinyl. Then came reel to reel. I couldn’t afford that. I could afford cassettes. I had a boatload of them and my cassette player hooked right up with my stereo. Stuff happened and I had to get rid of my stereo. I settled on portable cassette players and headsets. I got one with autoreverse so I wouldn’t have to get up at night and fumble with switching the tape. Then CDs came. I bought a SONY portable CD player and it spent a lot of time on my nightstand. When cheap speakers for computers came out, I hooked a pair up to the CD player and voila, stereo. The player got wavy. By this time I was on-line and had a s***load of CDs. I shopped. There were a lot of boom boxes for sale but I needed something smaller. I found CD players on sale for $20 a piece. I scraped together the bucks and ordered four. Radio Shack provided an AC adapter. The players lasted for about five years, hell they were $20. Before the last one totally bought the farm I ordered an AM/FM/CD/Cassette player. Everything worked fine except the fact the volume on the CD player wove in and out. I was going to send it back, but the other features made it perfect for the living room. I watch baseball on TV and like to listen to a game on the radio. Plus I had cassettes. I ordered another player, this one without cassette capability. It was beautiful, up until a week ago when it developed a stuttering sound every time I played a CD. Today I was back on-line. I’ve ordered another, along with a headset I can wear at night and an extension for the headset. In the mean time I put my hope on MP3 players I bought for music on the go. I’ve since got better speakers and I figured I was good to go. Not so fast. The MP3 players hadn’t been used in a while and I got the for real, real cheap at Radio Shack. The clerk said they didn’t have a long shelf life, hence $7 apiece. I spent two weekends loading them. They worked. This week I recharged them all. Last night I tried to play one of my favorites. It was deader than a doornail, as were all the others. I was pi****d. I needed the music. This morning I spent time better spent watching Mikka Brezenski on Morning Joe and scoured the nooks and crannies of the living room for what I thought was an illusion. More MP3 players. Huzzah!! I found three 4GB players buried under a pile of comic books. Now to load them. I have to go back to my old computer to see if the music is still on it. If not memory will have to work overtime. Until then it’s the radio.

You’ll note I didn’t mention eight-tracks. That was a sad sorry period of my life. Yes, I had an eight-track player and Rod McKuen tapes. You can see how low I had sunk. I gave it to my Aunt Sophie, tapes and all. I think it had some effect on her mental state in her later years.

I’ve got maybe two reblogs. If you’re not size 00 read them. Then boycott Abercrombie and Fitch. Okay?

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