The three Castro brothers in Cleveland Ohio brought an end to the torture of three women the held as slaves for ten years. there isn’t anything bad enough to be done to these low-lifes and that’s being charitable. Being locked in a cell with a inmate named “Big Salami” who’s just ben released from ten years solitary confinement seems nice. But they might get to enjoy it. People are faulting the Cleveland police for not acting in a forceful enough manner or ignoring obvious signs. We’ve all had strange neighbors, hell, some of have been the strange neighbor. The thing is, the women are free. We need to let them breathe. Questions can come later. Some will say it’s a symptom of a machismo Latin culture to dominate women. Bull. Whites and Blacks are Justas good at it. Males were taught to be dominant. Be the breadwinner. Club the woman on the head and drag her to your cave. We’ve not evolved. Science has moved ahead in leaps. Humans who discover the leaps have a lizard brain that dominates their lives. Men instinctively follow attractive women with their eyes, it’s the lizard brain looking for a more perfect mate. This occurs even though you’ve got the love of your life and best friend by your side. It’s freakn’ nature. If we try to control it, in time it will die out.

As a former member of the US Air Force I’m ashamed that the officer in charge of dealing with sexual assaults was arrested for sexual assault. An Air Force general blamed it on a “hook-up” mentality. Horses***. Men AND women in authority take advantage of people below them. It’s a rule. Put anyone n charge and they’ll abuse power, some in small ways others in major ways. To sexually assault a person under your command is the basest of crimes. In the military, newcomers are placed in an alien situation. Their lives are placed in the hands of people who will train them and adapt them to the system. It’s close to the story above. The recruits are in thrall and are made to believe that everything their supervisor says is for their own best interest and the law. Sometimes the person in charge thinks sex is in their best interest. Women are afraid to come forward because the military in male-dominated and they won’t receive justice. That’s likely. The victims have to come forward. Test the system. If the system doesn’t satisfy go outside. When the violators are caught they should be reduced to E-1, imprisoned for the longest time possible and any assets they might have accrued be allotted to a fund for the victims. Any officers who turn a blind eye to such behavior should be similarly punished. Oh yeah, their names and photos should be distributed to the media for public broadcast.

On an up note. Today in 1884 Harry S Truman was born. He would have been a senator from Missouri if not picked by FDR as a vice-presidential candidate. FDR’s death elevated him to being one of America’s best presidents. He followed through on the use of the Atomic Bomb to end WWII. He integrated the military. He never took himself seriously, but took the job seriously.

A loot of this is about justice. Maybe my view of justice for the Castro brothers isn’t exactly along constitutional lines but I believe in literal justice, it seems fair. As far as the military, they’ve been getting away with nonsense for years. If you get caught, you pay. Maybe it’ll cause second thoughts before thinking about kidnapping and enslaving young women or using your position to force your sexual will on them.

See you on Friday.