There are folks in Georgia who are taking offense at the Stone Mountain Memorial. It features Jeff Davis, Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson. People want it modified, removed or something done to it. Okay, Jeff Davis wasn’t the greatest American, but he kept a disparate group of states together. He wasn’t a warm friendly kind of man and he ran when the South fell. He did something else. He headed up the first major opposition to a monolithic government. Robert E Lee probably the greatest general produced by our military academy. Stonewall Jackson was a terror and a devilment to the Union forces. Yes, they were on the wrong side and we today view slavery as the primary issue and tar the leaders and military men with the racist tar brush. Lee joined because Virginia seceded, he was loyal to his home. In repayment the Union Army buried their dead on the property of his estate at Arlington. Leave the monument up. Anyway the petition has got abut a couple hundred signatures. Probably Northerners visiting.

I finally got the laptop fixed. The service guy was baffled but gave it a good shot. I got a nice lady tech who ran out of options and gave me another number to call. The tech worked magic and remotely fixed the problem. I had a jeremiad all lined up and my search for a new IP. Not necessary. The VA is pressing me ahead on my weight loss program. Have got to for Diabetes Risk Reduction. Too late, I’ve already got it.

Did a reblog. Where was this when I was shopping in the husky department at Robert Hall. It was a clothing store on the East Coast the could sell you a pair of jeans that you couldn’t destroy. And in one color, black. You wound up with five inch cuff and the took a hundred washings to get to the point that they were comfortable and didn’t chafe your crouch.

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