The Atlanta Falcons are offering $10 million to Friendship Baptist Church so the can level the church and build a stadium and roadway. I am not a big fan of organized religion having been raised Catholic and like many have experimented with or found other ways to God. This irritates the hell out of me. The Church is a Black church if you’ve never heard of it. The former pastor was the Rev. Ralph Abernathy, one of this country’s leading lights in the civil rights movement. The church was built on the site of a loading area where slaves were off-loaded from boxcars. Emory University held classes in its basement. It’s a freakin’ landmark. Maybe the problem is it’s a Black landmark. And Atlanta doesn’t think that it matters as much as say a Civil War memorial. Here’s another thing that burns my butt, the mayor of Atlanta is Black and a Democrat. He thinks they should sell. A whole new version of Uncle Tom. Suck up to the White folks so’s they’ll vote for you. He should have his ass in front of the Church with a sign saying “Hell NO!!!! Not for a billion”. If it were near a white neighborhood and somebody complained about it, no problem we’ll move it to an area the isn’t that important, like a Black neighborhood.
If you agree pass this along. It’s been on national news but the issue needs to moved through blogosphere. It’s simply a matter of whether a bunch of yahoos can get drunk and yell on the ground that is important to the people who were brought to the area against their will and made all those White people rich.

Had to go to the VA hospital today. I had what every patient that is served by the VA needs, an hour with my physician. I talked, she listened. There was no rushing to get as much information to the doctor between questions he or she has for the vet. I have a modest proposal. Listeners, not advocates. Advocates, as often as not are company men. They work for the entity and know where their bread is buttered. What I’m suggesting is someone a step or two or four removed from the system proper. Someone who asks the question “Is everything all right? Are there any things you’d like to talk about?” The interviews would be taped with the patient’s permission. Wives, brothers, sons, daughters or care givers are not allowed in. Too often a man who braved enemy fire in foreign wars is accompanied by someone who is under the impression that the physician has a complete knowledge. An example: A patient has his fifteen minutes with his doctor. The doctor hits the high points of the patient’s condition. The doctor might be more interested in a cardiac problem, while the patient might see a problem with increasingly limited mobility as a major problem. If the patient can’t move, he becomes susceptible to cardiac problems because his world is limited to a living room couch or short painful walks to the mailbox. As I said, the caregivers have a point of view, but they aren’t the patient.

On the up and down side. My potable DVD player has died. I bought one on-line from Wal Mart. The deal at Office Depot “Order on-line pick it up at the store.” It works. Needed boxes as Books on the Road came and took 950 lbs. of books out of my front room. All I wanted was she find them a nice home. Did I say she was attractive with a sense of humor with one major drawback, a husband.

I watched Ann Burrell cook duck breasts. I hadn’t done it since two restaurants before I retired. I killed Monday playing phone hunt. Nobody had any. I finally found a market that was listed in the White Pages. He told me he might have a couple but he was with a customer and he’d call. Gave him the number and an hour later he dug four out. Perfect. I made an appointment(?) to pick them up tomorrow. It’ll be a quick run. Wal Mart, duck breasts, Stop and Shop. A short grocery list will ease the price of the breasts.

The cleaning system the IP installed is not working and they can’t get in to fix it over the phone. Got to have a serviceman over. Whoopee. The car repairs are now scheduled for June.

See you.