It’s Sunday and I want to give you folks a recap:

I’m one post short on the A to Z Challenge. It’s Z. The theme I wanted isn’t in the dictionary on my computer. It used to be the last word in the dictionary.

American Horror Story, First Season has been talking to me. Insomnia has kicked in and I see the doc tomorrow. But what to do at night? Well, Wednesday I thought AHS would be nice. My portable DVD player crapped out. Tried new batteries, reading the instructions futzing with the plug, nada. To avoid wasting time driving from one bandit to another I went on-line. So far, WalMart is in the lead.

The laptop came about two steps away from crashing. The cleaning system I’d installed, on the advice of my IP didn’t work. On their advice I called Toshiba. The nice tech took me back to day one and restarted. Norton had been installed improperly. They fixed that. Ran the cleaner and it worked.

Another minor kick to the ankle. I wanted fish and chips. Now, I know how to make them and have the materials to accomplish the task. I went to the frozen foods section and bought fish and fries. Before I made them I checked my trusty timer. It didn’t work. Changed the battery. Nothing. Went out and bought a new one. It didn’t work. It cost six bucks. Made the F&C using the cable box as a timer. Did call the timer’s manufacturer and have to wait until Monday to find out what to do. I bought another one. It’s a little higher tech, and I needed a thermometer and a can opener too. The ones I’ve been using have outlived their usefulness.

While I was getting dressed I wound up staring at all of my CDs. For a long time I stored them in cat food flats and stacked them along the wall. The pile is getting really, really unstable. Back on-line to Office Depot. They had boxes, I needed them. I ordered them and tried out their ‘order on-line and pick it up at the store’ ad they have posted on the door. They came through. I also walked out with two mini speakers, a flashlight and a flash drive from the bargain bin because I have no self-control and am a bargain weasel at heart.

Three writers I’d like you to check out. They’re not up and comers, they’re just worth reading;
H. Allen Smith A reporter who commented on the kind of odd people and general goings on starting in the Thirties and continuing into the Sixties. He can be really funny.
Harlan Ellison A master. He started early and is still writing going on eighty. His fiction is stellar. His essays are a whole ‘nother ball game. He’s acerbic, sarcastic and a keen observer of humanity.
Charles Beaumont Wrote masterful stories and was one of the first class of Twilight Zone writers.
Check them out on Amazon. Buy a used copy, nothing too expensive. They’ll be worn a lot of people read them.

Some music to check out;
Madeleine Peyroux
Tift Merritt
Patricia O’Callaghan
Maria Schneider
Yeah, a lot of women. That’s who’s caught my ear. Listen to them on YouTube and decide for yourself.

See you tomorrow.